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External USB Sound Card, 7.1 and 5.1 Channel Audio

Sewell Part # SW-29545

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7.1 Channel External USB Sound Card

Upgrade your desktop or laptop sound card with the brand new Sewell SoundBox. A 7.1 channel audio external sound card.

Ease of Use

Using only a USB 2.0 connection, this External Sound Card connects to your computer to deliver incredible external audio capabilities. You can also use the SoundBox between multiple computers without having to open up any of them.

USB Soundbox Connection Diagram

Analog 7.1 Channel Audio

This USB Sound Card supports analog and digital audio. It will support simple 2 channel stereo via the analog or optical outputs, and it can push out 7.1 channel audio through the analog (3.5mm) jacks. Instead of taking the time and money to open your computer and put in a PCI sound card, the SoundBox will turn your laptop or desktop into a home theater-ready audio solution.

Record in Stereo

The two microphone inputs provide a solution for any audio application requiring multi-input capability. The SoundBox supports 44.1 KHz and 48 KHZ sampling rates for recording and playback.


  • Small and compact for portability; about the size of a deck of cards
  • Full analog 7.1 audio through 3.5mm jacks
  • Digital stereo audio supported through Fiber Optic S/PDIF input and output
  • Record in Stereo through 2 Microphone inputs
  • Easy-to-use volume control buttons
  • Full-duplex recording and playback
  • Analog supports 48/44.1 KHz sample rate for both recording and playback (S/PDIF in and out only support 48 KHz sample rate)


  • Upgrade the sound card on your laptop or desktop to support full 7.1 audio, for games, music, movies, etc.
  • Record using full stereo
  • Turn your computer into a great Home-Theater PC
  • ...and Anything else you can think of


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-29545


  • Sewell


  • USB 2.0 Compliant
  • Full-duplex Recording and Playback
  • SPDIF Optical Digital Input and PCM 2.0 Output
  • 3.5mm Jacks for Analog
  • Analog supports 48/44.1 KHz sample rate for both recording and playback (S/PDIF in and out only support 48 KHz sample rate)
  • Supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
  • *Mac OS with limited functionality (2.1 audio output only, only supports analog audio, no Toslink in OSX), no driver required for Mac OS

Package Contents

  • 1x USB Sound Box
  • 1x USB Cables
  • 1x Driver CD
  • 1x User Manual


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Most helpful reviews

Good little sound box

Norm - 8/18/2011 1:41:02 PM

7 found this review helpful

Pros: Good sound. Analog and digital out at the same time.

Cons: Need more instructions on installation of hardware versus software. And link to download to the latest version of software.


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Excellent and Recommended

Brooklyn Resident - 8/21/2012 6:03:55 PM

6 found this review helpful

Pros: I bought this to get SPDIF out of my Dell laptop, and it works beautifully - just plug and play in Windows 7. I also verified the SPDIF input, and it works also. I haven't tried the 7.1 aspects - the whole point was Laptop with DTS/Digital Soundtrack -> SPDIF -> Home Theater Amplifier, which can do the decoding for me. In my chain therefore we have: Laptop (Win 7) --> USB --> Sewell Soundbox --> SPDIF (out) --> SPDIF (input) on Home Theater Amplifier --> Decoding --> Speakers --> :-) The soundbox is much smaller than the pictures suggest, it's quite dainty and measures about 4 inches by 2 inches, about the same as a pack of cigarettes. No problems though - it's quite sturdy.

Cons: A gazillian lumen bright BRIGHT blue LED on it! Nice to know it's working, but I've taped over it - if you're using it for home theater, it will brighten the room quite a lot. It's not a killer, since a piece of tape "fixes" it!

Other: All in all an excellent little box, great value for money, does exactly what I wanted it to with no setup. Fully recommended. I relied on other comments on this and Amazon (where I bought it from), and thought I'd add to help any future buyer. Enjoy!

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USB SoundBox good value

Jim from Colorado - 8/29/2012 11:40:30 AM

2 found this review helpful

Pros: Easy install out of the box. Works great.

Cons: None

Other: Inexpensive fix for defective right speaker wiring on a new $2,000 PC. Saved taking it out of service to have manufacture repair it under warranty.

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Most recent reviews

very good product

lior - 9/22/2016 10:08:10 AM

good sound, 2 mic input

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Decent Budget Unit

Zhillsguy - 8/18/2016 9:56:39 PM

Analog 5.1 outputs work out of the box in Windows 8.1 x64 with no drivers; small and portable; good sound quality

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SoundBox, 5 stars

Michael Meeks - 7/8/2016 1:58:13 PM

Left and right microphone input jacks, easy setup, small and. compact, would recomend to anyone, Thanks Sewell

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great kit

- 5/14/2016 6:01:31 AM

all it says it good for but it exceeds its stated compatibility. its a plug in and go on ubuntu linux.

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Mic does'nt work well , the problem I have is ..the sound from mic I cannot hear even I turn max ., the sound for music is good

Melissa - 7/28/2015 3:07:22 AM

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Does this external sound card decode dolby digital/dts on the optical in?


No, this converter is not Dolby or DTS Certified and cannot decode it.

8 out of 12 found this helpful.

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Could this product be the link between my blu-ray player and my Logitech z506 surround speakers? My blu-ray player has an optical output and my speakers have 3x3.5mm inputs for the 5.1 surround sound.


Unfortunately no, it wouldn't work that way. This converts USB sound from a computer to analog output, it can't convert a toslink to analog output.

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Does this product work with Mac? I cannot seem to have it work with more than 2 channels


. Our device works with Mac, the issue is that Mac has been placing limitations that prevents surround sound and makes it very difficult to use. The installation on mac can be simple, I’ve made some steps to setup your device: 1. Make sure the device is plugged into the computer. 2. Go to search in the top right corner and search for “Audio MIDI Setup” and open it. 3. On the left side, select “USB Sound Device”. 4. Right click it, the select “Use this device for sound input”. 5. Next, inside the options that you can select, go to the dropdown menu where is says “2ch-16bit Integer”. 6. In that drop down menu, select the correct channel output that you need (options are 2, 4, 6, and 8 Channels). 7. From there, you should be able to have surround sound. One issue that you may come across is playing content from iTunes. iTunes usually only allows you to play content that you have purchased from then in 2 channel audio. If you are playing audio to an apple tv, then it allows you to use surround sound from that content. I know if you have music that you have purchased that is not encrypted like Apples, most of the time you should be able to have surround sound in most cases. The issue doesn’t rest with the functionality of our device, just the limitations that Apple places on its products for all users.

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Driver Downloads

(Old) Windows Installer - For Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 (32 and 64 bit)

Driver - Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista - Windows driver for Sewell SoundBox