Ensure the best connection between your speaker cable and your receiver unit with these open-screw banana plugs. Banana plugs also ensure that you'll only have to wire your speakers up once, rather than stuff the unterminated speaker cable into your receiver and hope that it never comes out.


How to Install Open-Screw Banana Plugs

  1. Unscrew the bottom of the banana plug.
  2. Feed the wire through the hole on the side of the plug.
  3. Screw the bottom of the banana plug back up till it tightens down on the speaker wire, securing it to the banana plug.
  4. Your speaker wire is now ready for connection.

Daisy Chain

Ocelots are the best choice when you need to Daisy Chain multiple plugs together. They feature a female banana plug connection on the bottom, allowing you to connect multiple speakers from a single speaker output.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-23588 1 Pair
  • SW-23651 6 Pair
  • SW-23600 12 Pair


  • Sewell


  • Maximum accepted AWG: 10 AWG
  • Length: 44mm
  • Outside base diameter: 10mm
  • Pure, High Density Copper
  • Heavy Duty Steel Outer Casing

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I actually did not use these. I found some Dead bolt style i preferred more.
I initially purchased these to bi-wire my front speakers. after looking at the design once in hand... i decided to just wire the first pair of cables to the post and banana plug the second set. The overall design is fine for what it is offering... ( piggy backing and or daisy chaining connections to one post. These just seemed to have to many moving parts for my liking. I like the company, the customer service and a couple other banana plugs (dead bolt style) they offer.

Part Number: SW-23600

Pros: Sharp looking,nice fit,well made,easily defined positive and negative connectionCons: Your really must solder the wire to make sure your connection stays in placeOther: A little extra work with soldering all connections,but gives you peace of mind it will not fail you when you need your music

Part Number: SW-23600
Great company

Pros: Quick shipping, high quality product, didn't have to deal with Amazon!Cons: None observedOther: This company was a pleasure to deal with online! Refreshing!

Part Number: SW-23600
Raymond P Spaziani

Pros: Nice product well pricedCons: delivery is ridiculous Other:

Sorry for the delays on your order.
Part Number: SW-23651
Great fir bi-wiring

Pros: Well made and versatile.Cons: None I can think of.Other: Opening is large enough to fit two 12 AWG wires if your careful, or you can strip a longer section on one and feed it through the end. Great for bi-wiring speakers. No need to stack. Saves money.

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