Silverback Roar Premium Guitar Cable 1/4" TS

SKU SW-32950-15

Whether you go on stage, hop into the studio, or just want a jam session, you should be able to trust that your equipment will bring the best sound. The Silverback Roar was designed to give you what you need - crisp, reliable sound.

The Silverback Guitar Cables are made with pure copper giving you the best possible sound that your system is capable of.


The Silverback Guitar Cable is one of the most protected guitar cables that you will find. We built the Roar with a thick, durable casing on the inside, and a nylon braided outer jacket for a strong yet flexible cable.


The TS connectors are equipped with a spring relief system to defend any bending where the connector meets the jacket. The springs defend against constant bending and prevents unwanted popping and shorting from the guitar cable.

Spring Relief

Shredding the old axe just ain't the same without the punch of crisp, clear sound. Get the most out of your audio experience with the Silverback Roar Premium Guitar cable. After all, you deserve a cable that performs as well as you do.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32950-15 15 ft. 
  • SW-32950-25 25 ft. 


  • Silverback™ by Sewell

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