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AirStick™ Microsuction Tape

SKU SW-30518
Original price $15.95 - Original price $2,239.95
Original price $15.95
$15.95 - $2,239.95
Current price $15.95
Color: Black
Type: .5mm Sheet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Benjamin C
High Quality

AirStick is of high quality lending the imagination to many possibilities!

Thomas Brown
Perfect drawing surface

I have been looking for a sheet of material to hold standard paper…I like to have a littler board I can flip around on my drafting table when I hand-draw historic millwork, instead of taping it down in one position. Your Air-Stick 9”x12” sheets are perfect for this. Holds securely, but not so aggressive it wrecks the paper. Great product, one I’ve been seeking for literally years.

Gregory Bellinger

I stick the adhesive side on the inside of a leather check wallet and attach my phone to the air suction side. When some of the air suction gets dirty and it loses the suction, you can rinse it off with water to make it have suction again. It works well on any shinney smooth surface.

Richard Moore
It did not stick…to anything.

It just didn’t stick to anything. It couldn’t be used for any of the uses shown in the photos.

Yes, I removed the protective film first. It barely sticks to anything. It certainly wouldn't hold a cup of pens on the wall.

We're sorry to hear your AirStick isn't sticking! There is a protective film on the AirStick. Were you able to remove that? And was it still not sticking?

Kamien Sheppard
Very nice!

Talk about sticking power! I’m using this to hold a pen jar down to my hand-finished desk. It stays handily! But a firm twist+pull will undo the grip and leaves the finish on my desk unmarred!

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