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About Us

Sewell Direct started as a software company selling the FastLynx file transfer product - one of the earliest and best solutions for transferring files between laptops and desktops. That program was written by our founder, Dave Sewell. Dave's background includes a masters degree in Computer Science and an MBA. Dave is a typical entrepreneur who works long hours in the business, currently as the CEO, but he did manage to also do a part-time stint serving as a City Council member in Provo, Utah for 8 years.

As e-commerce began spreading its wings back in 2003, Sewell Direct turned its focus to hardware products centered around connectivity - starting with cables, adapters, splitters and switches. As e-commerce was exploding, the company ventured into a wide variety of product lines. However, as competition and consumer options increased, the company later decided it was better to specialize and focus on a smaller number of product lines.

Today the company focuses on audio/video connectivity products such as HDMI cables, splitters and switches, speaker cables and banana plugs, and remote control IR extenders. However, we have some other interesting product lines such as backpacks designed to carry and organize electronics and micro suction tape.

We sell to a mix of consumers, businesses, government entities and educational institutions. We offer net 30 terms to qualifying business, government and educational entities, and accept purchase orders and government credit cards. We work with many installers and system integrators. If you have a big project and need one of those hard to find components, let us know. We are often able to find, or design when necessary, a solution to fit your needs.

Customer service has always been a priority at Sewell. We have an excellent support team that includes in-house technical support. We make your satisfaction a priority regardless of your order size or your technical ability. We can walk you through basic installations or get answers to your technical questions quickly. We ship quickly once you have placed your order, often same business day. Most of our products are also available on Amazon.

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