MOS, Magnetic Organization System

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MOS | Magnetic Organization System

The MOS, Magnetic Organization System, is a unique and elegant solution for organizing and keeping track of your cables. Simply set the end of your cable on the MOS when it's not in use and the MOS will magnetically hold it in place until you're ready to put it to use again.

The MOS is ideal for organizing the cables on your desk or on the wall above your phone charger and countless other places. When placed on a desk, the MOS makes use of its microsuction padding to affix itself to your desk without use of tape or glue and it leaves no residue if you decide to move it. When used on the wall, the MOS uses the included mounting circle to firmly and securely mount the MOS to the wall.

The MOS includes multiple magnets that are designed to have the ideal pull force to hold your cables in place. Most cables are able to be securely held to the MOS without issue. Not all cables are created equally, however, and some do not respond to the magnetic field surrounding the MOS. For these cases, each MOS includes 3 magnetic cable ties that can be simply wrapped around these more troublesome cables adding the ability to be held to the MOS.



Mfg. Part Number

  • MOS-Aluminum


  • MOS™ by Sewell

Customer Reviews

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Part Number: SW-30022
Keeping the Octopus at Bay

Pros: Good looking on my all aluminum, all Apple desk. Keeps all my charging cables in place and handy. Holds paper clips and small tools from skittering around on my desk. Sticky base helps keep my mouse pad in place.Cons: You must order two 'cause your roommate/spouse is going to want one too.Other: Customer service has been magnificent. Quick shipments, easy ordering, and due to my mistake on a different item easy returns.

Part Number: SW-30021
The magnets are not strong enough

Pros: Pretty design and good ideaCons: The magnets are not strong enough. Every cable I tried to attach to the base would fall off. I suggest not buying this product. I plan to return the item to the company.Other:

Sorry to hear aobut the trouble that you're having with that. Were you using the magnetic cable collars? We've found that can hold much stronger than adhereing directly to the cables themselves. Feel free to get in touch with our customer service department to set up a return.
Part Number: SW-30020
Great! We love them!

Pros: Great way to keep cords from falling off counters and tables. Our family has some in every room! Cons: Can't think of any! Other:

Part Number: SW-30020
Excellent product

Pros: Works just as described. Attractive product.Cons: Not as heavy as the Aluminum variant. If you're planning to not use the attached 3M adhesive I'd suggest you spring for the aluminum version.Other:

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