FastLynx 3.3 Software Only (electronic download)

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FastLynx 3.3 is a program designed to help you transfer files, directories, or entire hard disks quickly and easily from PC to PC. The simple split-screen interface makes copying and moving files as easy as dragging and dropping. Best of all, FastLynx can transfer files through your USB, parallel, or serial ports and over the Internet using TCP/IP. FastLynx even lets you perform DOS-to-Windows and Linux-to-Windows transfers. If you need file transfer, you need FastLynx 3.3.


FastLynx 3.3 Demo

FastLynx can also be used to transfer between different directories on the same computer. It is also used to update or synchronize a set of files or directories that exist in more than one place. In addition to these file transfer capabilities, FastLynx also provides valuable file management functions such as the ability to rename or delete files.

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