BlastIR Wireless Pro IR Repeater

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Control all of your home theater video sources (Blu-Ray player, Cable box, TiVo, and anything else that uses a standard IR remote control) from behind walls or closets by extending the IR signal with this kit.

How this works

This kit comes with an IR Receiver, and an IR Emitter. Simply point your remote control at the Receiver, and it will send the signal wirelessly to the Emitter which will then transmit that signal to the devices you wish to control.


Multi-zone Control

This kit can be combined with other BlastIR Wireless Kits to create custom setups.

It supports up to 10 "zones" with independent sending/receiving frequencies. (kind of like different channels on a walkie-talkie). You can change the zone by using a very small rotating switch located at the bottom of the receiver and emitter pucks. The Receivers will only communicate with the Emitters that are set to the same zone.

You can also purchase extra Emitters, or Receivers individually if you do not need an extra full pair.

Some setup examples are: One to one, All to All, One to Many, or Many to One

One to One

All to All

One to Many

One to Many

Many to One

Extend Reach with IR Emitter and Receiver Cable (Optional)

You can use the included Receiver and Emitter cables so further minimize what's seen on your setup. The emitter cable is a "Dual-headed" Emitter so it allows you to control an additional two devices. Magnetic Feet and Adhesive pads are also included to mount the BlastIR Wireless out of sight when using the IR Receiver and Emitter Cables.


If you already have a BlastIR Wireless PRO and need help setting it up, watch this video. Also, feel free to call us at (800) 709-1345 and we'll help you set it up over the phone.


See how your feedback has improved this product

7/28/17 Increased compatibility with Dish and Cisco boxes
Many people use the BlastIR Wireless with their current cable box. Every time we hear a report about a cable box (or any other device) not working with the BlastIR Wireless, we get to work on making the device compatible. This update helps those with a Dish or Cisco box.

6/1/18 Increased compatibility with Explorer, Spectrum, and Samsung boxes
Further widening the range of compatibility of the BlastIR Wireless. This update helps those with Explorer, Spectrum, or Samsung boxes.

6/1/18 Increased font size in manual
We found that the text size in the manual was simply too small. It has been enlarged throughout the manual to better use the space and make it easier to read.

8/30/18 Included magnet feet
With the release of our new Magnet Feet, we have decided to include two in every BlastIR Wireless box. A magnet foot is simply an adhesive rubber "dot" with a magnet embedded inside. After placed on the bottom of the BlastIR Wireless "puck" you can place it on metal surfaces such as the back of your TV or the TV mount itself. This could also keep the unit in place in your equipment cabinet or rack. We have also included a page in the manual to describe this.


Part Number

  • SW-32988 Kit
  • SW-32988-RX Receiver Only 
  • SW-32988-TX Emitter Only 
  • SW-32988-X Transceiver


    • Wireless Distance: 200m (650 ft.), distance may vary due to obstacles
    • IR Receiver Distance: 7m (30 ft.)
    • IR Frequency: 20-60Khz
    • RF Frequency: 915 Mhz
    • Wirelessly communicates in the 915-917 MHz band
    • Power: 5V/0.5A
    • Optional Cables Included: 3 ft. receiver cable and 10 foot. dual head emitter cable


    • Blu-Ray Players (Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Yamaha)
    • Cable and DVR Boxes (U-Verse, Dish VIP, Fios, Xfinity, DirecTV, Motorola, Cisco, Optimum, TIVO)
    • AV Receivers (Denon, Sony, Onkyo, Yamaha, Samsung, Bose, LG, Marantz)
    • Logitech Harmony Hub and Universal Remotes
    • Anything else that requires an IR signal! If your device does not work, let us know which device and we will pay for any return shipping


    • Yamaha HTR 6140
    • Arris DCX 3520E-M
    • OSD ATM-7 Speaker Selector

    Package Contents

    Each unit comes with the appropriate IR cables, power supply, and mounting accessories.


    BlastIR Wireless PRO Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 142 reviews

    BlastIR Wireless Pro IR Repeater

    Wireless Pro IR Repeater

    Works fine


    Very happy with the blast wireless. It solved my problem completely.

    This one didn't work at all

    Our first Blast IR Wireless Pro works like a champ, controlling a cable box 35 feet away on a different floor of our home. It's been in service for a few years. I ordered a second unit to replace a failed IR over HDMI set-up. Sorry to report this second Sewell Blaster unit was DOA. Have sent it back to Sewell for a refund. Great product if you don't get a lemon like I did.

    We're sorry you received a defective unit. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

    BlastIR Wireless Pro IR Repeater

    It cannot handle a distance of 100 feet with two dry walls in between.

    We're sorry this product is not meeting expectations! Feel free to reach out to our customer service or tech support teams!

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