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Deadbolt Banana Plugs with Right Angle Connectors

SKU SW-33140-6
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Original price $18.95
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Customer Reviews

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Randall Sewall
Reduce Weight Stress on Terminal Ends

I have always wondered was there a quality speaker terminal end that would route my cables straight down my rack where all the heavy cable weight was not trying to break off the terminal ends. With the Right Angle ends cable weight is no longer putting extreme downward force causing the break off of my terminal ends.

Peter D
Easy, solid connection

I don't know who copied who, but these are just what I was looking for. Some years ago, I'd found a similar design on the leading online marketplace. But when I needed more, I found out that the manufacturer sells *only* on that marketplace, which I refuse to use any more due to their anti-consumer/anti-worker practices.

I tried a different design, from a different online seller that specializes in inexpensive cables, adapters, audio equipment and the like. But I found their design very hard to use; assembling the connector is painful (sharp knurling on the barrel digs into fingers) and tricky (the internal design doesn't include serrations to make space for the wire). I didn't like them very much at all.

These connectors from Sewell are *exactly* what I wanted (along with their other similar straight connectors). The barrel is easy on the fingers, and the internal connection fits together easily but securely. Bonus points for the connectors looking good, and for the 90-degree option, which has helped solve some issues with connections where there's not a lot of space or a wire sticking straight out of the wall would be vulnerable to damage or just not look very good.

Next time I need more banana plugs, I'm coming straight back here.

R Rogers
Perfect high quality solution

Very high quality product at an incredible price, shipped fast. Performs it's job flawlessly with a simple & secure connection. BRAVO Sewell Direct!!

Bruce McQuerry
Great Quality

Putting together a 7.2.4 wired in wall home theater system in new home and have a ton of connections to make. After ordering a set of 12, I was very Impressed with the quality and value of these. Ended up ordering 36 total and a set of 13 premade wire sets for my receiver connections. Great bang for the buck!

Juan Hernandez

Perfect design!

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