Silverback Flex Pin Connectors, For Spring-Loaded Inputs

SKU SW-30006-6

These Silverback banana plugs have the quality you’ve come to expect from Silverback products, including; gold plated connectors, a heavy-duty but light casing, and a tight cable-screw design. What sets these banana plugs apart is their unique 2 screw lock design. This connection will secure your cable more than a single screw, or open screw design. Dual screw connectivity provides a secure connection, durability, and the most crisp and clear signal possible with more signal transmission through contact.

Sewell Silverback Flex Connectors

The Silverback Flex is a self-crimping connection, for all inputs that are spring-loaded, or simply accept a wire only connection. The Silverback Flex marries the beautiful and sturdy design of the Silverback Banana plug, with the need for wire connection. We’ve developed a special non-conductive coating for our aluminum casing on the Silverback, which will protect the plugs from electrical conductivity, ensuring a perfect connection, with no worries of shorting your speakers.

How to Install Silverback Banana Plugs

  1. Unscrew the jacket to reveal the core of the Silverback Banana Plug.
  2. Feed the bare conductor of the speaker wire into the core of the banana plug. (loosen the 2 small screws to accomodate the size of your speaker wire if needed)
  3. Tighten the 2 screws to secure the speaker wire to the core of the Silverback Banana Plug.
  4. Replace the jacket over the core.
  5. Your Silverback Banana Plug is ready for connection.

All in all you should only need 30 seconds for this entire operation.

What makes the Silverback the banana plug of choice?

There are some key features of these banana plugs, which make them the installers choice.

  • 24K gold plating on the connectors for a lifetime of use, with a crystal clear signal.
  • Pure copper connectors are at the core of this banana plug to allow perfect signal pass-through.
  • Double screws, when properly fastened, are said to be as effective as soldering, but clearly with much less hassle.
  • The casing unscrews over the tip, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it on the cable when installing.

What Are Banana Plugs?

Today, many electronics use the banana plug interface, also known as binding post (referring to this connection in its female form). This binding post is commonly found on virtually all audio/video receivers, speaker wall plates, and more.

Banana plugs offer an alternative to inserting a bare speaker wire into the equipment. Often a bare speaker connection is not as reliable as a guaranteed banana plug connection. Wires tend to get pulled out or frizzy after time passes. Banana plugs require only one install, giving you a permanent and robust connector at the end of your speaker wire.



Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30006-12


  • Silverback™ by Sewell


  • Flex pin style connector
  • 24K Gold Plating for Durability and Maximum Signal Transfer
  • Connectors are made with Pure Copper
  • Double Screws to Secure Speaker Wire
  • Accepts wire size up to 4mm (10 AWG)
  • For use in any system with wire-only input

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Beats the heck twisting cable all the time

For years I've had to twist 12 awg cable tighter and tighter to get it to fit in the back of a Pioneer AV and even then any movement at all and the cables come free. These Silverback Flex Pin Connectors put a stop to all that, now I know my connections are secure, good product with great customer support

Part Number: SW-30006-6
Great Product!

Pros: Look and work great! Two screws hold the speaker wire tightly. Much better than sticking bare wire into the terminal.Cons: noneOther:

Part Number: SW-30006-12

Pros: good quality, easy to apply and use.Cons: Other:

Part Number: SW-30006-6
Flex Pin Connectors

Pros: Professional looking installation, clean and neat connection.Cons: The flex pin tip is braided wire inserted into sleeve. It is a weak connection subject to separation.Other: I've had two come apart. I contacted Sewell about the first one and they sent a replacement right away. When the second one came apart, I just lived with the bare wire. I have Sewell banana plugs that are great; the flex pins no so much.

Part Number: SW-30006-6
Great Sound From Little Connectors...

Pros: Relatively easy to mate with the 14 gauge cable. The wires fit well into all of my various amp and speaker configurations. No muss no fuss connectors with the correct screwdriver. Great barrel and screw contact surface areas. Very warm Surround Sound with older 301's and rebuilt floor Infinities. Great channel separation, with very good USA 14 gauge wires, and very quiet (not a bit of hum or hiss).Cons: The barrels could be a bit narrower for modern cramped amplifier connecting posts; but overall it worked out OK. Luckily none of the barrels at the amp connectors are touching, which could cause sound crossover or static. The little clamping screws were a reasonable challenge for me, and would be very difficult for a novice. The wire leads could be a bit longer for modern amps. Other: These connectors were a good challenge to track down, I don't believe anyone else mfg them. So, I bought three sets of six each, just in case they are dropped from the Sewell program. I gladly put up with the little assembly hassle to get that great warm, rich sound!

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