Non-Flat Speaker Wire

Regular speaker wire not including the flat Ghost Wire line.
Pure Copper Oxygen Free Speaker Wire Bulk Cable Sewell 14 awg 50 ft. SW-30015-50
from $17.95

Pure Copper Oxygen Free Speaker ...

Cable quality can have a huge impact on your speaker setup. Poor quality cable means poor quality sound. This 14 AWG unterminated speaker wire feat...

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from $17.95
Silverback Speaker Wire Cable Sewell 100ft 12 AWG SW-30012-100
from $99.95

Silverback Premium Speaker Wire ...

The Best Speaker Wire on the Planet! Silverback Speaker Wire from Sewell offers deeper bass, greater clarity, better imaging, and cleaner highs fro...

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from $99.95
14-Gauge Speaker Wire Sewell 100 ft SW-30070-100
from $14.95

14-Gauge CCA Speaker Wire

Speaker cable can make all the difference in your speaker setup, but if you aren’t an audiophile do you really need to break the bank for speaker w...

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from $14.95

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