Deadbolt Flex Pin Banana Plugs for Spring Loaded Speaker Terminals

SKU SW-33116-6


The new Flex Pin Deadbolt Banana Connectors give you all of the benefits of Banana Plugs for your legacy style receivers and speakers.

Standard Banana Plugs won’t work with Spring Clip Terminals. Many old receivers and speakers and some new speakers and receivers use this type of terminal shown below. Our Flex Pin Deadbolt Banana Connectors are designed to work with these spring clip terminals.


Flex-Pin Deadbolt Benefits

  • Protects your Speaker Wire: The Flex Pin Deadbolts protect the ends of your speaker wire from being destroyed by strong spring clip terminals
  • Provides a strong reliable connection: The Gold plated weave gives you the highest possible sound quality
  • Allows you to connect higher gauge wire to skinnier terminals. Many high quality speaker wires are too thick to fit into Spring Clip terminals. The Deadbolt Flex Pins let you use speaker wire up to 10 AWG in thickness with these smaller terminals.


  1. Strip the cable at least 1/2"
  2. Unscrew the Dealbolt flex pin's head
  3. Insert cable through
  4. Fold Down wires
  5. Re-screw the Deadbolt Flex Pin's Head

Customer Reviews

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Outstanding plugs!

Very pleased with the high quality of the Sewell Deadbolt Flex Pin Banana plugs. Best quality on the market. Period.

A dead bolt for a live wire

A deadbolt is a bolt engaged by turning a knob or key, rather than by spring action.
The term implies security and is a good name for these plugs as the special design does provide additional reliability of continuous connection.

The gold plating on the braided weave of the Flex Pin helps insure sound quality by lowering the insertion loss. These banana plugs adapt higher gauge wire to smaller terminals by accepting the heavy gauge wire as high-end speaker cables tout.

The large outside diameter of the flexible pin does not fit into the smallest of spring clip terminals found on some vintage audio gear. The pin is too long for most applications.
Although the plugs will not short together, the braided wire can. I added short pieces of heat shrink tubing over the base end of the braid to prevent this. This aside, they are fast and easy to install onto your favorite speaker wire cable. In spite of these two weaknesses, I have found these to be the best solution available and the only current product I would give a four star rating. If these plugs had shorter pins with just a slightly smaller outside diameter, I would give them five stars. For use in regular banana jacks, I prefer banana plugs with the locking expanding tip design.


Deadbolt Flex Pin Banana Plugs for Spring Loaded Speaker Terminals


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These are awesome!

These are a great addition for older speaker types like my vintage JBL Bookshelf speakers and they work well with my smaller newer surround sound speakers that don't take banana plugs very well. Who ever came up with these, is a GENIUS!

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