Deadbolt RCA Plugs, Premium Solderless RCA Plugs

SKU SW-32888-2


Premium quality sound and video are the result of using premium products. With the Deadbolt Premium Solderless RCA plugs by Sewell, that is exactly what you'll get. DIYers and installers, rejoice! Cut the hassle of soldering and terminate your own RCA/Composite/Component cable with a few turns of a screwdriver. With Gold Plated contacts, a rugged body, and a solderless easy-to-terminate design, the Deadbolt RCA plugs are the perfect solution for Home Theater installation and other audio setup needs.


RCA Connectors


Part Number

  • SW-32888-4 4 Pairs
  • SW-32888-2 2 Pairs


  • Deadbolt™ by Sewell


  • Gold Contacts
  • Rugged Body
  • Deadbolt Screw-on Termination
  • 37mm from end to end (1.5")
  • Durable Rubber Grip

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great RCA plugs

I found these RCA plugs easy to use and well built. I bought them since they aren't as long as other plugs and my installation ( car audio) doesn't give me a lot of room behind the head unit. Recommended!

Part Number: SW-32888-4
RCA plugs

Pros: Cons: Other:

Part Number: SW-32888-4
Internal screws are very weak

Pros: Not much out there with this flexibility.Cons: The metallurgy used on the internal securing screws is VERY weak. They split in half when screwing them in to secure RJ59 cable.Other:

Terribly sorry to hear about that. Have you already been set up for a refund or a replacement? Let me know and I'll get that set up for you.
Part Number: SW-32888-4
Nice quality with a design problem that will affect some uses.

Pros: Construction quality and connection mechanism are very good. If the female recepticle has sufficient depth, the connection seems exceptionally solid. The external parts of the plugs are plastic avoiding inadvertent contact with neighboring wires and cables.Cons: If the female connector has limited insertion depth; the connection is sketchy. The recipticle connectors on my amplifier do not penetrate the chasis. The spring on these banana plugs begins about 5-mm from the tip. There is not enough engagement of the end of the banana plug with the recepticle to stabilize the connection.Other: If you avoid using these connectors with limited-depth connectors, they are very good.

Part Number: SW-32888-4
Deadbolt RCA Plugs 4 Pair pack, Premium Solderless RCA Plugs SW-32888-4

Pros: Clear plastic packaging is good, as it keeps plugs separate, can be reused, and if screws come loose (see Cons), keeps them together with their own plugs.Cons: The large fastening screws (for negative return wire) are too loose; almost all had worked free during shipping and were lying loose in the package. They could be longer to fit more snugly smaller diameter wire without falling all the way through their threaded holes. The channel for the center positive wire could be a larger inside diameter to accommodate thicker wires and could be deeper.Other: I found these solder-less plugs to be harder to set up than the single-wire speaker banana plugs,though maybe that's only to be expected, as connecting two wires and keeping them separate is a more challenging task than connecting just one wire per plug. But I think some more effort going into the design and some more testing might improve this product. I should say that I was trying to connect two separate, equal-size wires for each plug, a different scenario than they were probably designed for, and I failed to make them work.

Sorry they didn't work well for you. Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure to pass that along.

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