Deadbolt Speaker Wire with Banana Plugs, 12 AWG

SKU SW-32980-3

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This premium quality, pre-terminated speaker cable was designed to overcome all the obstacles that plague audio fidelity. They give you the best possible sound quality while making your installation quick and painless.


  • Extended frequency response, wide dynamic range, precise imaging, and greater clarity
  • High strand count (over 2.5 times more than most 12 AWG speaker wire)
  • Pure copper conductors
  • Oxygen free
  • Precision 24k gold contact connectors for superior signal pass-through

Highest strand count

Deadbolt speaker wire was developed with the highest quality standards in mind. Most 12 AWG speaker cables use 90 to 100 threads of copper, we’ve put 259 strands into each conductor of our Deadbolt cable. This allows for less distortion, deeper bass, better imaging, and cleaner highs from your sound system.

Pure, oxygen-free copper

Not only does Deadbolt speaker wire have a higher strand count, it is also made up of pure, oxygen-free copper. Cheaper speaker cables have other alloys mixed with the copper in the conductors. This makes the cable cheaper, but also reduces the quality of the sound. Air pockets in the copper can also reduce sound quality and can even ruin the cable over time.

Soldered Deadbolt banana plugs for the best connection

Our pre-terminated cables come with Deadbolt banana plugs, giving you the easiest and best possible connection. They are soldered for reliability and consistency in manufacturing.



Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32980-3 3 ft. 
  • SW-32980-6 6 ft. 
  • SW-32980-10 10 ft.
  • SW-32980-15 15 ft. 
  • SW-32980-25 25 ft.
  • SW-32980-50 50 ft. 


  • Deadbolt™ by Sewell


  • 12 AWG
  • Oxygen Free Manufacturing
  • 259 Strand Count
  • Flexible
  • Premium Jacket for Durability
  • Enhanced "Loudness"
  • Pure Copper

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sewell Direct Deadbolt Speaker Wires Great Quality

The speaker wire is top of the line, and pre-attached and soldered banana plugs ensure great signal transmission for decades of audio enjoyment. Plug and play convenience and soldered connections are definitely worth the extra money spent.

Great Wire For The Money

Why pay more?

Part Number: SW-32980-25
The Way They Should Be Made

Pros: Soldered ends, interchangeably plugs, Well Shielded hefty wire.Cons: Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch, Zero Other: Do to Amp tight space inside cabinet needed to change one set of plugs to spades. I ordered these and they shipped super fast. I unscrewed the bananas and screwed on the spades. DONE! Excellent company and experience! Highly recommended for the audiophiles out there. Many thanks to your team Sewell! ~ Mike (ForgottenTrail)

Part Number: SW-32980-6
Quite good “but”

Pros: Rapid service, good sound,impressive chunk of cable at this price. Cons: While readjusting things one of the pins broke loose. I extracted the pin from the amp but of course I can’t put it back togetherOther: Can you replace it?

Part Number: SW-32980-6
Recent purchase

Pros: Just plain amazing to work with?Cons: Other: Just plain amazing!

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