Silverback Speaker Wire

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The Best Speaker Wire on the Planet!

Silverback Speaker Wire from Sewell offers deeper bass, greater clarity, better imaging, and cleaner highs from your connected loudspeakers and AV receiver. We’ve developed this speaker with the highest quality standards in mind. It allows the current to travel around each strand so that the speaker setup can play with less distortion at higher levels because it can move more efficiently. This is called the “Skin Effect” of speaker wire. Silverback Speaker Wire was designed to overcome all obstacles that plague audio fidelity.

What is Oxygen Free?

When doing installation wiring of any kind it is important to use wiring without any oxygen in the copper. On a molecular level, if there are microscopic pockets or oxygen bubbles trapped in the copper, they can become larger over time and cause oxidation which will ruin a cable.

This multi-purpose speaker cable is perfect for any high-end professional installation and is guaranteed for the life of the installation.

Get the best possible sound from all audio components in everyday applications and home theater systems with Sewell's Silverback speaker wire. Our line of high quality cables deliver the highest range of frequencies. Durable jackets will protect your wires from kinks or cuts. Use Sewell Silverback Wire with confidence, knowing that you are getting the best quality sound out of your audio system.

What makes Quality Wire?

The gauge isn’t the only consideration when looking into high quality speaker wire, better wire will have higher quality metals and increase conductivity. Speaker Cable can be one of the more important parts of a home theater setup. Cheap Speaker wire or aging cable can degrade sound quality, especially when considering newer technologies that allow for oxygen-free production of speaker cable. Many consumers find it hard to believe that quality speaker wire will make a difference with their speaker setup, to satisfy this crowd Sewell Offers a great return policy for all our customers, if you aren’t satisfied with our premium Silverback Speaker Wire, simply return it to Sewell Direct. Most people do end up hearing a difference especially if they are coupling the wire with higher-quality speakers.

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