FastLynx USB 2.0 Bridge Cable, 6 foot, PL 25A1


Sewell Part # SW-9804

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The FastLynx USB 2.0 Bridge Cable takes the file transfer experience to a whole new level. The cable combines the reliability and ease of use of the FastLynx USB 1.1 Bridge Cable with the speed of USB 2.0.

The cable is 2 meters (about 6 feet) in length. Use it in conjunction with FastLynx 3.3 software (available separately) to transfer files quickly and safely between two computers via their USB ports.

The FastLynx USB Bridge Cable requires the FastLynx software for file transfer.

The FastLynx USB 2.0 Bridge cable requires 2 computers with USB 2.0 ports to work at the optimal speed. Check out our USB 2.0 Cards.

Need to extend the distance between your computers? Check out our USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you previously purchased FastLynx 3.3 and wish to use it with this new cable, you may need to use the "Check for Updates" option on the FastLynx 3.3 File menu to get the latest maintenance update of the FastLynx 3.3 software.


Mfg. Part Number

  • UC250-3M


  • Sewell


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Can you use this cable to transfer between a Linux based computer and a Windows based PC?


Unfortunately, the FastLynx software will not support Linux through USB.

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Will FastLynx transfer files using your USB 2.0 bridge cable while using USB 1.1 ports on one or both computers?


Yes, the USB 2.0 cable will still work with computers that have USB 1.1 ports. FastLynx will just be limited to performing the transfer at the USB 1.1 speed of 11mbps.

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Will the FastLynx sl.exe dos slave work with the USB Bridge cable? My device boots to dos off of a USB thumb drive so the bios supports USB to some extent, thanks.


No, the DOS slave will only work with serial or parallel transfers. To use a USB or network connection you will need to have the program installed and the computer running Windows. (You can however run Fastlynx off of an external media like a USB drive)

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