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Remote Control Extender Kit (IR Emitter and Receiver)

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The BlastIR is designed to get your remote control's signal to where it needs to go. Since remote control signals (IR) need "line-of-sight" to work, you will need this extender if the equipment you're trying to control is not in sight.

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How This Works

This kit includes an IR receiver, a connecting block (which also serves as a signal repeater), and IR emitters. The IR receiver is a small inconspicuous device that you can mount on your HDTV's bezel or anywhere else in the room where you will want to point your remote. It is small and very easy to hide, but must be in line-of-site to your couch (or wherever you will be sitting when using your remote control). This receiver receives your remote control's commands and sends the signal over 3.5mm mini stereo wire to the connecting block (which you can hide behind your wall).

The connecting block then actively repeats and sends the same signal through all IR emitters connected to the block. Four emitters come with the kit and each emitter features two "eyes". Each eye blasts out the same IR signal, and you can tape them directly to your equipment or simply fix them to a nearby shelf or wall (or even the back of the door of your video closet).


If you're having troubles with your BlastIR, there are some simple things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. This video will walk you through the steps. Or you could check out this article about troubleshooting the BlastIR.

IR Emitter Caps help to ensure that the IR signal reaches only one device. Useful when you have many different IR emitters in one location.

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Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-29311


  • IR by Sewell

Please Note

  • This product is NOT compatible with the following models of the AT&T U-verse cable box:
  • Cisco Explorer 4642HDC, IPN 4320, IPN 330HD and the Motorola VIP series. As well as regional providers using the Cisco ISB7150. There are other models of the U-verse that are also likely incompatible with the BlastIR.

In-Wall IR Connecting Block

  • Provides one IR receiver input and six IR emitter outputs
  • Works with practically all brands of Audio/Video IR remote controls
  • 12VDC status input jack and LED indicator
  • Interface: 3.5mm mini plug (for receiver and emitters);
  • Terminal block (for CAT5)
  • Dimensions: 82 W x 60 H 27 D mm

Dual Band IR Reciever

  • Designed to be surface mounted in multiple applications.
  • Works with practically all brands of Audio/Video IR remote controls
  • IR receiving: 18' - 30' (remote control dependent)
  • Receiving frequencies: 34 - 60 kHz
  • Dimension: 45mm x 15mm x 12mm (receiver only)
  • Includes adhesive tape for IR mounting
  • 6 foot cable

Dual IR Emitters

  • Designed to be surface mounted in multiple applications.
  • Works with practically all brands of Audio/Video IR remote controls
  • Operating Frequency: 38 - 56KHz
  • Interface: 3.5mm mini plug
  • Cable length: 9 feet
  • Includes adhesive tape for IR mounting

Package Contents

  • 1 - In-Wall IR Connecting Block
  • 4 - Dual IR Emitters
  • 1 - Dual Band Surface Mini IR Reciever
  • 1 - Power Supply
  • 2 - Mounting Screws


  • Weight: 110g (.25 lbs.)

Package Contents

  • 1 - In-wall IR Connecting Block
  • 4 - Dual IR Emitters
  • 1 - Dual Band IR Receiver
  • 1 - Power Supply
  • 2 - Mounting Screws


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Works Great

Mike - 1/7/2012 9:35:15 AM

8 found this review helpful

Pros: It just works.

Cons: A little confusing which port to plug the power supply to. One didn't work, the other did - no big deal.

Other: I ordered the unit and payed for the cheapest shipping method. It showed up at my house 7 days later. Set everything up and it worked like a champ. No problems. It workes better that the one I replaced. One unanswered question that I had was about the range of the IR emitters. I mounted 1 of the dual IR emitters to my closet wall which faces my equipment and is about 30" away. That is all I had to do, they are able to control everything. I have a Sony brand receiver and DVD player. I also have a COX DVR/Cable box. Everything works great from way across the room. I am very happy with this product. Setup took me minutes. By the way if you didn't know, you can see IR light if you look through your digital camera view screen. It makes troubleshooting easier.

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Floyd - 11/19/2012 12:45:35 PM

3 found this review helpful

Pros: After much research I decided on the Sewell unit to control Cox Cable box which is known to be tempermental. The unit setup was easy and performed flawlessly with cable box, Sony TV and BD 3D player,.

Cons: none

Other: Good quality and pricing, no complaints

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Anonymous - 7/3/2012 11:33:17 AM

3 found this review helpful

Pros: Easy to insal. Functions as promised. Contains everything needed.

Cons: A little higher than desired. More emitters than needed.


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Works as advertised

Chris - 1/18/2019 9:16:56 AM

Straight forward install. Had to purchase additional 50ft extension cord based on my setup. All works great.

Was this review helpful?

works great

- 12/25/2018 5:59:06 AM

easy install works very good

Was this review helpful?

Works at great price

- 12/22/2018 10:25:02 AM

Price, price, price

Was this review helpful?

Doesn't work

Tommy - 6/13/2018 10:05:58 AM


Was this review helpful?

something what works like they say

papax3 - 3/7/2018 5:25:52 PM

WORK just like it is supposed to living room is 30 feet long and receiver picked up just like Sewell said would thanks for a good product

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how long is the 3.5 mm ir reciever wire that would go under my tv i need it to be 12 feet is it that long? not the wires that hook to the componets but the one that comes out of the block to point the remote control to.


the cable is 3 meters(about 9 feet). The cable is the same as a 3.5mm stereo cable. you can easily extend this by getting an additional female to male stereo cable like the 3.5mm Stereo Cable . you could basically get this in any length to fit your needs. If you would like this cable shorter, you could use the 6 foot Stereo extension cable

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Would this system work for a PS3 and the game controllers?


This unit is designed for Audio/Video IR remote controls. The regular PS3 controller is not IR, so this will not work with that setup.

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I set up the Blast IR kit but it does not work. The connecting block has a green light and the transmitter has no light when pointing the remote. Could you help me out? Thank you


Sorry for the confusing setup. The green light indicates that the status of your system is good (hence, the "status" label next to the port). The other port that says 12V DC is the port that you need to plug into to power the device. That should fix your problem.

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