Shielded RG59 Bulk Cable

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Sewell’s RG59 cable is the most cost efficient and reliable way of connecting your CCTV video surveillance system. Our RG59 cable comes with dual shielding, to give you great signal quality by protecting your signal from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Using untermintated cable lets you decide how much you need for each application. You can also decide which kind of connector is best for you. You can use F-type, BNC or RCA connectors. Terminating the cable is easy with our BNC or Coax connectors, available in both crimp and compression styles. All you need to do is properly strip the cable, plug it into the terminator, and lock it in place with the appropriate crimping tool.

Customer Reviews

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Part Number: SW-30081
RG59 is the way to go

Pros: I had poor images with what appeared to be interference. I installed RG59 and now my images are clearer than ever and interference freeCons: Other: Sewell was very helpful, high quality cable at wholesale prices and connectors for terminating.

Part Number: SW-30352
Quick delivery

Pros: Prompt delivery, sturdy spool, product looks good. Not put it in use yet.Cons: N/AOther: Best prices on the market with this delivery time, that I have been able to find.

Part Number: SW-30352

Pros: This is a very good product. I truly recommend this direct burial cable for everyone.Cons: Other: I placed this order and it was shipped to me immediately. This is great service!

Part Number: SW-30352
High Quality

Pros: Came well packaged, pulled very nicely, and was easy to terminate. Great wire.Cons: NoneOther:

Part Number: SW-30352
Working great so far

Pros: Delivering sharp video from 2 cameras that are 200 feet away from the DVR base unit. Have not buried the wires yet. They have been there on the ground for several weeks now and have weathered the rain and other elements and are still working fine and feeding video signals. Cons: Other: We bought this wire so that we could avoid having to encase it in buried PVC pipe and just bury the wire itself, a much easier process. So far, the protective coating is working on it above ground. I will have to get back with you in another couple of years to comment on its underground performance.

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