In today’s busy world, fast food chains are thriving as sources of quick and cheap meals. In order to accomplish quick turn-around time from the front desk to the kitchen and back, Pizza Hut utilizes the W-8337, or ISaGRAF Wincon controller. It is programmed in Ladder Logic. The need for extra personnel can be bypassed with the use of a WinCON controller connected to many devices including touch screens. The customer is then able to input his order into the computer. Additionally, the Wincon can be attached to a bill and coin acceptor so the customer can pay after making his selection.

Only one serial printer is required to print the ordering number and selected dish. This information is simultaneously sent to the kitchen and can be set up to display on an LCD monitor. Not only does this reduce personnel expenses, daily sales reports can be saved automatically into the compact flash memory of the WinCON 8337. This information can later be downloaded via a USB pen drive and later be used to collect data such as menu preferences. While this ICP DAS technology is currently utilized in a pizza parlor, it lends itself to benefiting any fast food corporation. WinCON integrates PC and PLC together.