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Converting Composite or Component Video to HDMI

Find out how to convert Composite or Component video to HDMI

 | Jul 1, 2013


So you just got a new HDTV, and can’t wait to experience a whole new level of clarity, color, and HD goodness. But wait…what if your equipment doesn’t have HDMI? With all of the different connection types on audio video equipment, it can sometimes be a real pain trying to get everything hooked up. Luckily there are a lot of easy to use converters out there that can help you get all of your equipment working the way it should. This article will cover all you need to know about composite to HDMI and component to HDMI converters.

Connector Types

There are a plethora of different connector types for audio visual equipment, but basically they all fall into two camps: digital and analog. Older devices use analog signals, while newer ones use digital signals, and they each have different types of connectors to get everything to work together. In a home theater, analog signals usually use one of two different connector types: composite or component. Composite RCA cables feature a one yellow connector for video and red and white connectors for audio. Component cables use the red and white audio connectors, but they divide the video into three components: one for luma (brightness) and two for color information. This is known as YPbPr component video.

Most HDTVs use HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connectors, which use digital signals. Digital signals give you better sound, higher resolutions, and better color than analog signals. But, that doesn’t mean you need to buy all new equipment just to get a higher quality movie experience. By using inexpensive composite to HDMI converters or component to HDMI converters you can convert the signal from your older source to work with your HDMI TV. Many adapters will not only convert component and composite video to HDMI, they will also upscale the resolution to 720p or even full 1080p HD.

Analog Devices

Any video source that uses either composite or component video will need a converter in order to be used with an HDMI TV. Common consumer devices that use analog signals are:

  • Video projectors
  • DVD players
  • Older gaming consoles
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Set-top boxes
  • Video cameras
  • Personal video recorders

To check if your equipment needs a converter and which converter to get, check the connection ports.

  • RCA composite ports are yellow, red, and white.composite

  • Component ports are green, blue, and red for video and red and white for audio.component

  • HDMI connectors consist of a single 19-pin port.HDMI

  • Things to Consider

    Before you buy a converter you want to make sure it does everything you need it to do. Not only do you need to make sure you get a converter that works with your connector type, but for the best experience, you should make sure your converter can scale up to a full 1080p resolution. All converters have a maximum output resolution, and some converters can’t reach a full 1080p output.

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