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Electrical Fire Safety Info for Cables and Other Home Equipment

By Trent Crawford While electricity is a wonderful aspect of modern life, it can be dangerous if we aren't careful. Electrical fires are a common occurrence in the United States, causing injuries, claiming lives, and resulting in losses of property. The majority...

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Convert VGA to HDMI with Audio (HDMI to VGA)

VGA to HDMI Central If you need to convert any VGA or component signal into a digital high definition HDMI signal up to 1080p resolution, this conversion box will do the job perfectly. The only additional thing that you need...

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Why You Should Think About Banana Plugs

Jared Norman Whether you are setting up a multi-channel surround sound system, or even a simple two speaker setup, a good speaker wire connection is vital for getting great sound, not to mention a clean looking installation. Traditionally, speaker wire...

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Understanding and Converting Between PAL and NTSC

What is the difference between PAL and NTSC? Here at Sewell Direct we get a lot of people asking this exact question. Let's briefly mention some of the technical differences and then we'll lay out why this may matter to...

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How to Choose the Right Speaker Cable

Choosing the correct AWG speaker wire is essential for great sound Jared Norman | Jun 3, 2013, 2013   A person may spend a fortune on a great set of speakers only to have the sound quality ruined by bad cables....

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How to Hide Speaker Wire Using Sewell Ghost Wire

Ghost Wire This tutorial demonstrates how to hide speaker wire using Sewell Ghost Wire, Super Flat Adhesive Speaker Wire and the Sewell Ghost Wire Terminal Block. There are many situations where speaker wire needs to be run across a room....

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Understanding Plenum and other NEC Cable Ratings

By Trent Crawford When you run cable through any building you first need to consider plenum spaces. Plenum spaces are the open spaces above the ceiling or below the floor that are used for air circulation. Technically, any ductwork is...

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How to get Gigabit Speeds

By Jared Norman Since Ethernet offers faster transfer rates and better security than Wi-Fi, more people have been implementing Ethernet networks into their homes. But, inevitably there are things that are more exciting to spend money on than others. Buying a new...

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How to Extend your USB Port

USB cables usually aren't that long, find out how to get a little more reach     USB cables were designed to provide fast, secure data transfer between all sorts of different devices, and they do it very well. We use...

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