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Top 4 Ways to Improve Sound in Your Home Theater System

You just upgraded your home theater from a 1080p television to an 8K Smart TV. You have got everything set up and are ready to watch your favorite program, only to realize that the resolution is better than you anticipated. Yet the sound quality isn’t what you were expecting. Is there a way to improve the sound in your home theater system?

Absolutely. Even if your high-resolution home entertainment system setup has a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI), that does not mean you have all the latest HD technology. To know how to improve the sound of your home theater, you will need to take a moment to discover what audio accessories will work best with your home entertainment devices.  

How Can I Improve the Sound Quality of My Home Theater?

There are quite a few people who ask this common question when looking for better sound quality from their entertainment center, and one you may be asking yourself. There is a simple answer. You will have to upgrade your HDMI cables, but that’s not all.

The problem, most people have no idea what it takes to set up a home theater in a way that optimizes the sound. If you are one of the 30% who has tried - and failed - to set up your home electronics, don’t feel bad. Only 65% will even try. While you may feel brave enough to set up your home theater, you want to know the best way to optimize and improve the sound quality.  

Top 4 Ways to Get the Best Sound from Your Home Theater

It is a common misconception that since your television is 4K or better – like your new 8K Smart TV – that you need a 4K HDMI cable. That might not necessarily be the case. There are a few simple ways to determine what connections you will need to amplify your sound.  

1. Consider the Acoustics

The audio system is responsible for only half of the sound quality you get. The way you set up the room will also impact the audio/visual experience. Determine where you can get the best acoustics when placing the television. 

2. Arrange Seating Away From Walls & Speakers

Audio/video experts agree that you should sit 4 feet from the speakers for the optimal sound experience. Seats should also remain away from the walls to avoid losing the full effect of surround sound. However, this may not be possible if the media room shares space with the living room.


3. Get the Right Home Theater Speakers & Sound Bar

Since you have dropped the investment on a state-of-the-art television, be prepared to invest in the highest quality speakers to get the best sound. Don’t use speakers with a single dome tweeter, regardless if it is soft or metal. Speakers with multiple tweeters, compression drivers, or line sources produce a more dynamic and reliable sound. 

4. Connect the Correct Number of Subwoofers

There is one rule when it comes to subwoofers, and that is that for every row of seating, you need two subwoofers. For a consistent, smooth bass, use more subs and place them in a mode-canceling arrangement.

How to Improve Your Home Theater Experience with HDMI

Now that you have upgraded your devices, you realize it is time to upgrade the hardware to get the best sound. High-definition sound is going to require high-definition wires, cables, and connectors. Here are a few of the items you need to get started with improving sound for your home theater system setup:

  • IR Extenders & Repeaters
  • Banana Plugs & Flex Pin Connectors
  • Speaker Wire
  • Speaker Mounts

All of the above products are at Sewell Direct. A trusted name in home theater, HDMI technology, and audio/video needs.

How Sewell Direct Can Help Improve the Sound of Your Home Theater

It doesn’t take a professional to set up a home theater system, and the friendly technical support staff at Sewell Direct is ready to help with all of your home entertainment installation needs.

Don’t stress about what to do with that handful of HDMI cables, wires, and adapters. With more than 20 years of experience, you know you can rely on helpful advice from their HDMI and audio/video experts.

When it comes to premium sound, you never want to settle for less than the best. Check out our selection of audio connectivity products, and upgrade your home theater for supreme sound quality.  

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