Home Theater Graphic

While your TV and speakers may be the stars of your home theater, there's a lot more that goes into a truly great home entertainment experience.

The right cables and accessories can make all the difference in your home theater installation.

Install Your TV


You've found the perfect TV, now get everything you need to get it set up into your home theater.

Install Your Peripherals


Peripherals are useless if they're not hooked up to your TV. Find all the cable and accessories you need to install your peripherals so they perform great and look great.

Install Your Speakers


To get great sound you need not only great speakers, but great speaker cable too. Find everything you need to get your speakers sounding amazing.

Connect Your PC to Your TV


We have everything you need to connect your PC to your TV so you can get the best video and audio experience possible.

Hide Your Peripherals


Home theater peripherals aren't always the most attractive things. Find all the tools you need to get all the functionality out of your peripherals while keeping them out of sight.

Power Your Home Theater


Home theater equipment can often have big wall adapters. With these outlet saving cables you can still plug in your devices without blocking any other outlets.

Get Local Channels


You don't need a big ugly antenna to get local HD channels. Get all your local channels using a paper-thin antenna that's easy to hide almost anywhere.

Not sure what you need? Then click through the links below to find helpful information on all of the elements you need for the ultimate home theater setup. Find general information, installation tutorials, product comparisons, helpful videos, and more to make it easy for you to learn everything you need to know. Whether you need to know how to hide your peripherals and still use your remote, or are just wondering what a banana plug is, you’re in the right place.

HDMI cables - Find basic information, a comparison guide, as well as how you can use HDMI wall plates.

Wall Plates - Learn all about wall-plates, from what what flavors they come in to how to install them.

Banana Plugs - Cheap and convenient, with a tip that resembles a banana. Find out why you need them.

Wall-Mounts - Elevate that TV out of reach of children and the family dog for the best viewing angle of the big game.

IR Emitters and Receivers - Hide that ugly cable box in a cabinet while still retaining the power of your remote.

Speaker Cable - Learn about jacket quality, resistance levels, and wire gauge.