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Deadbolt Banana Plugs with Right Angle Connectors

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Philip Campbell (silvermiata2001_7)
Unintended consequence of the design

Your straight dead-bolt connectors work very nicely, but the right-angle connectors have a fatal flaw.
The right-angle connectors rotate from the weight of the cables, and the two adjacent plug bodies contact each other. It is not clear if the coating is a dielectric, or what it is made of (paint, anodize, or black sharpie). This could cause a dead short.
I fixed the issue by wrapping the body of the "RED" connectors with high quality electrician's tape. Not a great look, but effective.

Well-made plugs

These plugs are well-made and easy to connect to cable. The right angle feature is convenient for the application for which I purchased them. 5 Stars!

David Y.
Excellent Banana Plugs!

The build quality is excellent, now my speakers can be closer to the wall! Love it.

Mark Ambrose

Deadbolt Banana Plugs with Right Angle Connectors

Dan Skites
Easy to install

Super easy to install. Hardest part was stripping the speaker wire. Now my speaker and amplifier connections are solid and don't come disconnected when moved.

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