Light-Link Fiber Optic 8K HDMI 2.1 Cable

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The Light-Link is an "HDMI over Fiber" cable that sends the video information through optical fiber. Because it uses fiber, it can send the signal instantly with no perceptible latency at longer distances than regular copper HDMI cables. It also can send much higher resolutions up to 8K at these distances due to the high data throughput of fiber.

How it Works

The converters inside the cable heads convert incoming electrical signal into optical on one end, and back into electrical on the other end. The Light-Link is composed of fiber cables and copper cables. The copper cables are used for non-video information such as hot plug detection, grounding, and +5v power. The fiber strands carry all the video information.

The light travels down the fibers using internal reflection, which allows the light to bounce off the cable walls similar to a bobsled. Light travels extremely fast (186,000 miles a second) so the signal arrives almost instantly without losing any quality.  

Better than copper

According to "The longest HDMI cable runs seen to date have been achieved using fiber-optic cable, which is far less susceptible to attenuation and interference than copper. Electrically it is similar to an active cable or Cat 5/6 solution, the principal difference being the higher-quality optical cabling between the transmit and receive connectors. HDMI over fiber is a highly robust solution, effective in cable runs up to 100 meters or more."

Easier than any HDMI extender

Since the optical converters are housed inside the heads of the cable, there is no need for any external repeaters. This also means that there is no need for extra power adapters or patch cables.

The Light-Link eliminates possible points of failure. In a typical HDMI extender setup with baluns you have a total of eight connections:

  • x4 HDMI connections - video source to sender balun and receiver balun to display.
  • x2 RJ45 connections - transmitter balun to receiver balun.
  • x2 power connections - from baluns to power outlets.

That's eight possible things that can get unplugged, plugged in the wrong way, or become defective. With the Light-Link you only have one cable that can be easily verified end to end. Troubleshooting is incredibly easy compared to any other setup.



  • 48 Gbps
  • 8K @ 60Hz
  • HDMI 2.1
  • HDCP 1.4/2.0/2.2
  • Compatible with ARC and CEC

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I'm unsure of the results so far. I have a Marantz AV8802 4k processor which may be having difficulties due to a power surge resulting in "blinking and extended blackouts" over a few minute period which I didn't have with my previous copper wire HDMI (each cable - light link and copper are 30 feet) There does appear to be a slight difference in quality when going direct from source (directv) and bypassing the Marantz, same with dvd player. Currently using the copper HDMI direct from dvd player to monitor and sound return via optical cable. The 3 stars is only because I cannot determine (yet) how well the Light Link HDMI is performing.

HDMI Cable

Majoy improvement from the standard HDMI cable, Brought my Skytrack picture to Life, Amazing picture now.Almost as good as playing outdoors now.
Love it!!


Great new tech

Great cable. Worked as advertised. Very fast.

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