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Ghost Wire 2.0, Super Flat Adhesive Wire, 16 AWG (2 conductor) or 18 AWG (4 conductor), White

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Conductors: 2 Conductors
Length: 25ft

Customer Reviews

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Pablo Davila
Ghost Wire

Quality looks great, however it was just too wide for my application, if it was around 1 1/2” it would have been perfect.

Dario Boffelli

Ghost Wire 2.0, Super Flat Adhesive Wire, 16 AWG (2 conductor) or 18 AWG (4 conductor), White

Jonathan Ferrell
Ghost Wire Review

The wire would not stay stuck to my wall. I solved this by using Gorilla Glue spray adhesive. That worked well but is messy and a bit of extra work and an added expense. It really disappears if you paint over it with a pattern or faux finish. It is slightly visible on a single color wall. You could also spackle over it. I didn't go that far. Once up it works really well but know it may take some extra effort to get the results that you want.

Good for long Horizontal Runs - Prepare to tape though

I had to make a couple of 90 degree turns in a fairly short run, so that's the first problem. It takes a lot of mud to cover up and feather out one of those turns. Also I found I had to tape each side of the ghost wire since the initial mudding just cracked along either side of the wire; fiberglass tape works great for this BTW. So, bottom line, if you need to go through a lot of studs on a horizontal run, this will save you a lot of time. If you're going through just a couple stud and you have 90 degree turns, just cut the drywall. In any case, plan on taping on the edges of the wire and applying joint compound. I'll mention that I had a ton of bubbling in the tape and I followed the video on getting the tape smooth which worked okay but took a lot of time and I believe that may also have caused some of the joint compound cracking along the seams.

One other tip I'll mention and that's hiding the connector end inside a low voltage socket. It looks way cleaner and is very easy to do; then the wire is completely hidden if you do a good job on your taping; see photo.

I've attach three photos (I'm just getting done with the fourth touchup coat of mud) you'll see the size of the area to cover up and feather out a 90 degree turn, the left side low voltage socket with the ghost wire terminator inside the block (no wall plate on yet, since I obviously need to sand and paint), and finally the connector box exposed behind my TV and above my mantel. There is no way I'd want that connector sitting anywhere on an exposed wall which is why I experimented with the low voltage socket which worked great.

We're so sorry for all the trouble it took to set up the ghost wire! Feel free to contact us if there's anything we can do to help!

Paul T
Great idea

The adhesive backing is not smooth but rough. I would have preferred a smooth finish for my application. Other than that it works as described.

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