Ghost Wire Terminal Block

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Sewell Ghost Wire can be used on almost any flat surface. Perfect for running stereo signals across rooms, around corners, in automobiles, under flooring, or any situation where wires cannot be run through walls.

This terminal block is designed specifically for use with four conductor Ghost Spearker wire.


connection diagram


Installing Ghost Speaker Wire

  1. Peel back the top and bottom layers of the cable exposing the bare conductors
  2. Fold the conductors over 2-3 times and insert them into the Ghost Wire Terminal Block
  3. Tighten the screws on the terminal block to secure the cable
  4. Insert speaker cable and tighten screws

This Terminal block is designed to work with Sewell Ghost Wire. Provide a secure connection to give you the best performance.


How to use the Terminal Block

What is GhostWire? 


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-29982 1 pc. 2 Conductor Terminal Block
  • SW-29982-4 4 pc. 2 Conductor Terminal Block 
  • SW-29982-8 8 pc. 2 Conductor Terminal Block
  • SW-32843 1 pc. 4 Conductor Terminal Block 
  • SW-32874-CON 10 pc. 2 Conductor 23 AWG


  • Ghost Wire™ by Sewell


  • Terminal Block
  • Made for Sewell 2 or 4 Conductor Ghost Wire
  • Converts flat speaker wire to regular speaker wire


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Part Number: SW-29982-8
Terminal Blocks

Pros: easy fit and installationCons: the terminals were a bit of an eye sore coming off the wall for connection to the speakersOther: The ghost tape wire was double sided tape and was not quite what we wanted for this project

I am glad that the instalation was easy. I am sorry that the double sided tape did not work well for your situation.
Part Number: SW-32843
Great product

Pros: Easy to use. Saves a ton of time vs soldering.Cons: 2 conductor feed only.Other:

Part Number: SW-29982-8
Solid product

Pros: These are overbuilt in a good way. Cons: Half the set screws were either torqued too tight or the threads seized up by something else. Jewelers sized flat heads shouldn't need leverage to free up the thread.Other:

Part Number: SW-29982-8
Major time saver

Pros: Easy to connect, ensures a solid connectionCons: Have to be creative to hide, depending on where your are terminating Other: These are great!! They make round to flat terminations incredibly easy, no soldering needed - which ensure that there is ALWAYS a solid connection.

Part Number: SW-32843
Easy product for termination of Ghost Wire.

Pros: Easy to terminate. Heavy construction of conductors and screws.Cons: None found.Other: I'm really glad I found this terminator to use, as well as the Ghost Wire. I was able to eliminate a hump under the area rug (caused by conventional speaker wires) that was really bothersome. I was able to further make it blend in by painting it a similar color to the floor tile where it came out from under the rug. I used spray paint for plastic.

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