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Light-Link USB, USB 3.0 over Fiber

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Length: 30ft

Customer Reviews

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David R
Works Great! Plug and Play.

Connected to 3.10 USB port and worked right out of the box. 50 ft. USB 3.0 extension to Logitech Brio Webcam. Picture remains clear with very little loss. Full functionality of camera retained using Logitech software for Zooming, color, remote position control. etc. I would recommend. Less work, hassle, expense than USB 3.0 over ethernet.

Kelly Keys
USB 3.0 Fiber

Both the 50' and 100' fiber cables worked right out of the box!

George Flammer
Doesn’t plug and play

Bought this cable to work on eliminating conducted RFI. From all I can tell the 30 foot length does indeed carry power from one into the other but no data. There’s no adjustments or switches or calibration therefore I must assume I have either a defective unit or it just doesn’t work.

We're sorry you received a defective unit! Feel free to reach out and set up a refund.

Kenneth Piel
Performed well enough, but not entirely enough

All-in-all, I can't complain about this cable... it does what they said it would do (for the most part). The two drawbacks I'll point to, and why I'm not rating it higher, are that (a) it does not support USB 2.0, and, (b) I could not find any USB 3.0 WiFi adapter that would work over the cable.

In all fairness, the listing makes it clear that USB 2.0 is not supported. I had half hoped that hanging a USB 2.0 device off a USB 3.0 hub might work, but it did not and I do not fault them for that - that's my own ignorance about how the USB standard works. I do, however, fault them for not offering an option that *does* support USB 2.0

The USB 3.0 WiFi adapter thing kind of surprised me. If both the cable and adapter are USB 3.0, I can't fathom why it wouldn't/shouldn't work - fiber is certainly fast enough - too much latency through the analog to fiber converter maybe? But I tried three different adapters (including a relatively expensive NetGear USB 3.0 WiFi adapter) and none of them were recognized by the PC - I tried both direct connect to the cable and indirect via the USB 3.0 hub (yes, I did have external power connected in both cases), to no avail.

I was using this for remote astronomy with my Celestron Advanced VX mount, an iOptron iPolar camera, and three ZWO cameras (one for imaging, one for guiding, and one for the finder scope). The AVX mount and iPolar are both USB 2.0, so they didn't work with the cable - expected and not an issue. However, I had planned to use a USB 3.0 WiFi adapter to connect to the mount and the fact that wouldn't work was a show-stopper. I ended up having to run a second USB 2.0 cable half the distance and use that to get WiFi, but that's not an ideal solution. Ultimately, I've replaced this cable with one from another manufacturer that *does* support USB 2.0

That said, this cable did perform very well with the ZWO cameras even at high frame rates. So long as you are working with USB 3.0 devices and you do not need WiFi over the cable, it's a solid product. Unfortunately, those gaps did make it unsuitable for the task I had, but I am keeping my cable both as an emergency backup and for use on alternate applications.

(Photo shows my telescope setup with my Nikon D850 and a different finder scope camera, but effectively the same)

Rob Keller
Great customer service

I bought these without understanding they would not be backwards compatible with usb1/2. I was able to arrange a return with great service even though it was my error and this was clearly stated in the description. I’d have given 5 stars if it did what I needed.

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