Ghost Wire 2.0, Super Flat Adhesive Wire, 16 AWG (2 conductor) or 18 AWG (4 conductor), White

SKU SW-32985-25

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Make speaker wires disappear right on the wall or under the carpet with Sewell Adhesive Speaker Wire. This super-flat speaker wire can be used on almost any flat surface.

Perfect for running stereo signals across rooms, around corners, in automobiles, under flooring, or any situation where wires cannot be run through walls.

White backing allows wires to be simply attached and left uncovered, or it can be easily covered with paint, spackle, or flooring making the wire virtually invisible.

For an even cleaner install, we recommend using the Ghost Wire Terminal Block to connect the Ghost Wire to your regular speaker wire.


How to Terminate Ghost Wire

  1. Peel back the white backing about 1” and cut it off, exposing the adhesive and conductors.
  2. Trim away white covering in between and at the edges of the conductors.
  3. Remove the white covering from the opposite side of the conductor. It does not have adhesive between the conductor, and should leave a nice clean copper surface when removed.
  4. Fold the conductors 2-4 times, keeping the clean copper surface outwards.
  5. Insert the conductors into the Terminal Block and tighten the set screws.
  6. Insert your standard speaker cable in the other end of the terminal block and tighten the set screw.

How to Remove Bubbles from Ghost Wire

  1. Install the ghost wire onto a clean surface, pulling it tight as you do.
  2. Use a heat gun on low or hair dryer on high to heat the area where bubbles appear
  3. Smooth out the bubbles by rubbing back and forth over them. Use a glove if the heat is uncomfortable.

Running Ghost Wire Around Corners

We’ve had a lot of people ask us how to 90° turns when running it along the floor.

Here’s how:

  1. Run the cable along the edge of the wall with the adhesive side facing down
  2. Fold the cable back so the copper strips are facing up
  3. Fold the cable back down at a 45° angle, making a 90° turn


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32985-25 25 ft. 2 Conductor 
  • SW-32985-50 50 ft. 2 Conductor 
  • SW-32985-100 100 ft. 2 Conductor
  • SW-32986-25 25 ft. 4 Conductor 
  • SW-32986-50 50 ft. 4 Conductor 
  • SW-32986-100 100 ft. 4 Conductor


  • Ghost Wire™ by Sewell


  • .375" Width (each conductor)
  • .5 mm thick (includes peel back layer, adhesive, and conductors)
  • 16 AWG (2 conductor) 
  • 18 AWG (4 conductor)
  • Pure Copper
  • 2 Conductor or 4 Conductor 
  • White Jacket
  • Rated up to 10 Amps
  • Indoor Use


  • Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker Wiring
  • Low Voltage Stage Lighting
  • 12 Volt Cabinet Lighting
  • Security Access Control Wiring

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Pretty good product, will use again.

It doesn't lay QUITE as flat as I would have hoped, and the adhesive is a bit tough to work with. But in a pinch this is a great problem solver. I powered a picture frame display using this product, and it worked out nicely. May use it for surround speakers someday too.


This stuff is seriously amazing. It's so flat you don't enough notice it when you walk on it on bare floor, and it completely disappears under a rug. I used wood stain to hide what little part of it was visible past the rug and, unless you're actively looking for it, you can't even see it.

Great product, great sound quality!

Unbelievable Utility

This is one of the best solutions out there to run speaker wires invisibly to the back of a room for a surround sound system. In my case I used both the 2- and 4-conductor wires. My left side speaker and 2-conductor wire for the right speaker came off of the 4 conductor wire which runs along the trim moulding on the left side of my room.

It’s tricky to get the terminal boxes on the 4-conductor wires not to short out because the wires are very close. After some troubleshooting, however, I managed. I haven’t even painted the ghost wires yet and they aren’t noticeable at all. When I finally paint them they will truly be invisible.

The 4-conductor doesn’t stick as well but I will put it down with double stick tape at the terminal.

Excellent product Sewell team!

Nice installation option

I ran a pair of 4-wire up the wall and then out to the left and right to connect to the in-ceiling wiring for the Atmos mid and rear speakers. While making the 90deg bends in the wire increases the thickness, even with my less-than proficient mudding abilities it looks good enough to have a high Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF). If not for the bulky termination blocks, it is very hard to see that there is wiring on the wall.

Doesn’t stick

I cleaned my ceiling as recommended and placed the wire. Within a day it was falling off the ceiling. Ended up removing the whole thing. Will be sending back the extra box I bought.

I'm sorry that product did not perform as intended! Feel free to contact our customer service to set up a return.

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