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BlastIR Wireless Pro IR Repeater

SKU SW-32988
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Original price $59.95
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Customer Reviews

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Rick Helie
BlastIR Wireless Pro

The BlastIR Wireless Pro works as well as I expect. My old solution was not working, perhaps because the wires or buds were damaged. I just positioned the wireless emitter near my devices using the micro-suction pad and it works perfectly.

Bernard Etheart
Awesome repeater except for one design flaw

The BlastIR Wireless Pro IR Repeater is great, except for one problem: The jack in which you can plug in the included extender/IR Blaster is in the front, next to the LED. So it can easily get in the way, especially for the transmitter. It should be in the back.

Jim Kling
relieved and excited

although the wireless repeater was smaller than I expected, it has turned out to be superior to the old unit(old Radioshack IR Repeater) which we have been using since the upgrade of our kitchen 10 years ago. More importantly, when there was an issue which I did not understand, service and feedback where 100%! I don't leave reviews unless I'm really **** or really happy. In th
is case, I am extremely happy with Sewell Direct and the Blast IR repeater.

Brandon Jones
Can finally control my system!

Our receiver is in a closet in the hallway and I could only operate it by getting up and doing it manually. Remote would not go through a wall and a door. Someone mentioned to me the Sewell product and I immediately bought it. After receiving it I went to hooking it up. Easy! Took about 3-5 minutes. Wow! Now this was a game changer. I can now operate the said receiver without getting up at all. Life changing device. Highly recommend!

Mark Patriot
Good product

I was happy to find these. I’m not a technical person and these were very easy to set up.

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