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Light-Link Display Port Cable | DisplayPort over Fiber

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Great customer service but product didn't work for me

I purchased the 100FT DP cable from Amazon. When I plugged in my PC it didn't work. Customer service picked up immediately and they were very helpful, but ultimately couldn't find the reason for the cable not working. They requested that I return it to Amazon and get a replacement. I proceeded to do a lot more research on my own and believe I have found the issue. Hopefully my experience makes it so others know what this cable works with and what it does not.

Hardware I am using:
Phoenix Contact PC with DisplayPort 1.3,
Elo Monitor with DisplayPort 1.1a.

First I would like to explain how DisplayPort (DP) backwards compatibility works. All newer version of DP are backwards compatible. This means that if I have a monitor with DP 1.1a and a computer with 1.3 the computer will automatically switch to sending 1.1a over the cable. If the monitor has the newer version it will still work with the older DP version. This is a great feature and solves a lot of issues.

Now here is where you run into problems. Backwards compatibility only works when using passive cables. So if my PC has DP1.3 and my monitor has DP1.1a they will work together as long as the cables are passive. BUT if you use an active cable (like the Light-Link) the PC will no longer be able to tell what version of DP to send. The computer will default to sending the
newest version of DP (in my case 1.3) and the monitor (DP1.1a) will not work with the output.

Now from my understand of the issue if the PC and Monitor versions were switched everything would work fine. This is because the output on from the Light-Link cable would be DP1.1a and the monitor would be able to read it just fine. So to sum things up, before purchasing a Light-Link cable make sure the computer DP version is the same or older than the monitor DP version.

This took me a lot of time to figure out because when I plugged in a short DP cable everything worked fine. So I assumed it was an issue with the cable and I first searched for other solutions to the issue. Eventually after I had the same issue trying a DP signal booster (using a signal booster turns passive cables into active cables) I started researching DP backwards compatibility. Where I found out what the real issue was.

I will be checking back in on this review a couple times so Sewell please feel free to respond and I will correct/clarify any mistakes I have made. Your customer support was very good and I will probably purchase Light-Link products from you in the future. I am giving this product a 3 star review because no where in your documentation did it say anything about this issue and I had to find this out through my own research.

Marc Hoeppner
Excellent product and fast delivery!

Excellent product and fast delivery!

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