Wall Plates Guide

In the example above, we show you a 1 speaker wall plates in conjunction with banana plugs.


Wall Plates: The Basics


You wouldn't run your home's electrical wiring across the floor or taped along your baseboards, so why should your entertainment system wiring be any different?

Just as you run your house's electrical system behind walls and use simple electrical jacks, you can do the same with all your entertainment system wiring. Especially effective in wiring speakers for surround sound, wall plates can effectively eliminate the mass of wire strung along your baseboards where they can easily be tripped on or chewed on by the family cat.


How do they work?


Wall plates work in generally the same way whether the wall plates is for speakers or audio/video cables. In the graphic above we use the example of a 1 speaker wall plate. The wall plate is installed on your wall just as an everyday electrical or phone jack is. Speaker cables are connected and run on the interior of the wall, usually to a wall plate in another location. This connects the wall plates together so speakers can be attached at one wall plate while the other wall plate is connected to the audio source, concealing the connection behind the wall. Speaker wall plates accept bare speaker wire as well as banana plugs, we recommend banana plugs for a few reasons. Click here for more information on banana plugs.




The most commonly used wall plates in home theater design are binding post wall plates for speaker connections. This is because of the sheer amount of cables needed in wiring speakers. Each speaker uses 2 connections, and in a common 7 speaker surround sound steup, thats 14 connections! That's a lot of wire strung throughout the room. Fortunately, we have binding post wall plates to accomodate any number of speakers. From 1 speaker to a total package 7 speaker, 1 subwoofer and 1 HDMI wall plate to run your whole surround system as well as your A/V signal.

Wall plates aren't just for wiring speakers though. Wall plates come in dozens of styles, allowing you to hide nearly all your cables neatly behind a wall. Many people these days are opting to mount their flat screen TVs up on a wall, above the reach of children's fingers. Wall plates neatly conceal the wires connecting your TV to your Blu-Ray player, Tivo, or game console, which looks great, and prevents them from being tugged on.

Each of these wall plates includes all the screws you need to mount them, so all you need is a screwdriver to set them up. Installation only takes a few seconds with our painless design.