MOS Pack Grande, 40L Tech Backpack

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The GRANDE is our biggest backpack, it holds up to 40L of storage when expanded (up to 27L when not expanded) while keeping everything organized and the pack slim. It can fit up to 17” Laptops and a 40 oz water bottle with room to spare.


Unexpanded: 40x51x18 cm when full (Excluding the straps)

Expanded: 40x51x24 cm when full (Excluding the straps).



Added 3 More Mesh Pockets to the main outer compartment


Improved strap materials for increased comfort and durability


The GRANDE features a built-in charging station through the MOS Reach+ and MOS REACH C with an internal cable management so you can charge everything without taking it all out of your backpack.


With built-in cable management, you'll be able to keep everything organized and within easy reach. The Orange lining is also used to make every item and cable easy to see even when things start getting packed.


We designed the GRANDE with the idea in mind that you would be taking everything with you. The straps are wide to fit any shoulders with a comfortable backing that allows ventilation when everything is weighing down on your back.


The GRANDE is stylish and professional enough to take with you to the office, but rugged enough to take with you the next time you trek across the globe.

MOS Blackpack vs. MOS Pack Grande

Blackpack vs Grande
Features Blackpack Grande
Expanded capacity 27L 40L
Exterior 1680D Ballistic Nylon 300D Polyester, 1000D Nylon Bottom
Laptop Support 15.6" 17"
Water Bottle Support 32 oz 40 oz
Sternum Strap Removable Non-Removable
Rain Fly Built-in No Rain Fly
Warranty 5 yrs 2 yrs


1st Year - Full Coverage

Full coverage for any manufacturer defects or damage from normal wear and tear or transit damage to the MOS Pack Grande. With limited exceptions MOS will replace or repair the MOS Pack Grande and pay shipping costs within the US. This does not include cosmetic only damage (such as scratches or stains on the fabric), damage from abuse, or damage to or loss of the bag's contents, loss of use of the bag or similar expenses.

2 Years - Coverage for manufacturer defects and product failures

Coverage for any manufacturer defects or product failures from normal use. These might include zipper failures, seams splitting, or handle or straps detaching. With limited exceptions MOS will replace or repair the MOS Pack Grande. This does not include damage from transit or damage not related to a failure in workmanship or materials. It also does not include cosmetic only damage, damage from abuse, or damage to or loss of the bag's contents, loss of use of the bag or similar expenses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
It's great!

I never thought I'd "get into" a backpack. I originally ordered the smaller version, which was amazing, but was lacking some space for my needs. The larger version is great when I need to carry multiple laptops, a tablet, and a lot more stuff.

Legendary backpack

I love the expanding pockets, the cable passthrough, and the ability to run a battery bank and a power strip from the backpack. I have it set up to charge my iPhone and iPad when in the backpack (iPad Pro 12" is too big for the tablet pocket but the laptop pocket holds two laptops and my iPad). I'm going to use the water bottle pocket for my G-Fuel to get work done with my water bottle. (Shame it doesn't hold the 40 oz. bottle) And, I've got plenty of room for small miscellaneous tools such as bootable flash drives, USB adapters, and so on for easy access instead of digging through my 3 cu. ft. tool bin. The flat open pockets, bright orange interior, and expanding pockets make it totally awesome.


I was struggling to fit all my computer gear in my old backpack but this one fits it all and I still have pockets empty!!!

It knew it was big. It was bigger than i thought.

The capacity of this backpack is incredible. I use it for college and, when extended, it can carry my laptop, notebook/binder, accordion folder, a pretty large 8 Qt plastic box with dimensions (12.48 x 4.45 x 8.66)in, another medium sized plastic box with dimensions (10.8 x 7 x 1.7)in, another small pencil box, some tools and school supplies AND i could still fit even more stuff thanks to the sheer capacity and amout of bags provided. (I still haven't even used one of the zipper bags haha)

Though, i should mention that while all of that fits, it makes it look a little uncomfortably full. However, it is also a lot more space that most people would use. I don't even need that much space, i just don't have more efficient boxes, so theres a lot of dead space. Also, it's just that i feel uncomfortable. I am absolutely sure that the quality of the materials can take that load. So basically, theres a looooooot of room.

It's big, it's pretty sturdy and super useful thanks to its charging capacity. Just be careful that if you do use its full extended capacity at maximum, you will be like 3 times bigger from front to back, lol.

Stays slim but tooooooo wide

So wide that I cannot move my arms back and forth. Possibly good for a (very) large adult man. Generally, I would say that its generally way to wide for the general population of healthy non-obese ppl

We're sorry that backpack was too big! The Grande is our largest backpack, please reach out to customer service if you would like to send it back and order a different style that isn't as large as the backpack.

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