Ibis Pro, Dual Port Bi-Directional HDMI Switch

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Normal HDMI switches only allow you to switch between multiple sources (like a Blu Ray player, gaming console, cable box, etc) using a single display. The IBIS is a bi-directional switch, meaning it allows you to switch between multiple sources on a single display OR switch between multiple displays from a single source.

IBIS Connection

The IBIS supports full HDCP pass-through, so you don't need to worry about data encryption issues. A simple push-button design lets you easily move from one source to the other. The two indicator LED's let you know which source is active.

A Must-have for PS4 Pro + PSVR

If you have a PS4 Pro and the PSVR you might already know that you can’t have the PSVR headset plugged in when you want to watch HDR content because the PSVR strips off the HDR. So every time you want HDR you have to unplug the PSVR and plug in the PS4 directly to the TV. With the IBIS you can simply switch with the push of a button.

Getting the Right Cables

Do you have all the right devices and still not reaching full specs? You may not have the right cables! Important to any setup is making sure that you have the right cables for the right specifications. Check out the Silverback S6 HDMI cables with full support for resoultions up to 4k@60hz, deep color, and 4:4:4 chroma.

Note: Splitters vs. Switches

An HDMI switch will take multiple sources and allow you to choose which single source will be displayed on the TV. Wheras an HDMI splitter will duplicate a single HDMI source on multiple HDMI displays.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Looks nice

Looks well built and feels well built. That being said I usually have to push the button twice to get it to switch outputs. I also believe some signal passes through the side that is supposed to be blocked.

Great product

This has worked great for use with my PSVR and PS4 Pro to enable the simple press of a button to be able to switch between HDR and the non HDR PSVR. If anyone is having issues with screen flickering and black screen for a few seconds. The solution is simple . Change your output on your pro. I had this issue but was sending out 2160 RGB. Switching to 2160 YUV solved the issue totally and if your having that issue, that is most likely the only issue.Only thing that would make it better would be a remote to be able to switch between the two channels.

Part Number: SW-33076
Really Works As Advertised

Pros: Passes everything it says it will. I'm using one with my Xbox One X and one with my PS4. 4K HDR works great for games and 4K Blu-ray discs. I've only used them in 1x2 configurations (games are source), but I have to imagine it works great the other way, too.Cons: I wish that I could control the unit via IR. It's not a dealbreaker by any means, but it would really perfect my setup if I could toggle the unit with my Harmony Elite. I also wish that all three HDMI connectors were on the same side of the device. This would just make the setup look cleaner. Again, not a big deal.Other: I'm using two of these in an elaborate setup, feeding into two 3x1 SwitchDeck units and it all works really well together.

Part Number: SW-33076
Ibis pro 4k hdmi directional switch

Pros: Small easily hidden Cons: Device is a huge let down after about 15 minutes of use my TV goes to screen saver because it can pick up device I have to turn my TV off and on to get the picture back I've bought both models the white one and the pro and to be honest they both did the same thing when working it's great but every single time I used I had problems no way I recommend I suggest selling your old psvr and just buy the new hdr one I plan on sending them both back if I can Other: Do not buy this device

Sorry to hear about the trouble that you're having with that. It's unusual, I would guess a technical issue with the unit that you got or possibly elsewhere in your setup. I'll reach out on your order to do a little troubleshooting and perhaps set you up for a return.
Part Number: SW-33076
Works well as a switch, but...

Pros: Switches back and forth between my PS4 pro and my psvr with no problem.Cons: Despite having all the proper cables and properly hooked up, the PS4 Pro game screen still blinks occasionally. Sometimes for about 3 seconds at a time.Other:

There are a couple of possible issues that could be causing that, feel free to get in touch with our tech department to troubleshoot that and get it working correctly.

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