EchoSplit, 1x2 HDMI Splitter with Downscaling

SKU SW-33063

The EchoSplit allows you to send an HDMI signal to two displays with different resolutions while still letting each display perform at its highest supported resolution.

A Solution to a Common Problem

Most HDMI splitters allow you to send a single HDMI signal and "Mirror" it to two or more displays. However, if one of the displays in the setup supports a lower resolution than the rest, then all of the other displays will get a lower resolution because the HDMI splitter can only send an identical resolution to all displays.

For example: If you have a 4k TV and a 1080p TV connected to a regular HDMI splitter, both TV's would only get 1080p video even if your source signal is 4k.

The EchoSplit solves this problem by sending each display the highest quality signal they can receive. For example: in the scenario described above, the EchoSplit would send a 4K signal to the 4K display and a 1080p signal to the 1080p display.

Automatic Downscaling

The EchoSplit automatically detects which display supports the lower resolution and downscales the signal being sent to that display only, and sends the original 4k signal to the 4k display.

  • Output port 1 takes priority, so we recommend putting the 4K display on port 1 and the 1080p display on port 2.
  • Please enable HDCP 2.2 and any variation of "enhanced HDMI" mode on your HDMI port for the 4K display.
  • Changing of refresh rates is not supported.

    Echo Split Connection Diagram


    Mfg. Part Number

    • SW-33063


    • Sewell


    • HDMI 2.0 (4K @ 60Hz 4:4:4)
    • 1x2 HDMI Splitter
    • Auto downscaling to 1080p on one port
    • Supports ARC and CEC
    • HDCP compliance: HDCP 1.4 up to HDCP 2.2

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Part Number: SW-33063
    Nailed It

    Pros: After using it for a few weeks already, in a church application on 2 - 75" TV screens, it works beautifully! Mind you we connected them with fiber-optic HDMI wires and it was flawless from the start. Cons: Other: The level of detail that Sewell puts into the box packaging and even shipping envelops is stunning. If they put that much effort into the PACKAGING, their products must be outstanding. It felt like I was unpackaging an iPhone! Nicely done Sewell. I'll be back...

    Part Number: SW-33063

    Pros: Quality built products, worked greatCons: NoneOther:

    Part Number: SW-33063
    Not exactly what I needed

    Pros: Worked somewhatCons: But did not work as I had wanted.Other: Needed this device to look like a 4K display to my AVR even as it down scaled to 1080P. Really did not need it to use it as a splitter although I think it probably would work OK in that capacity. May try that in the future. So 2 stars for limited functionality.

    Sorry this didn't work out for you, thanks for the feedback. We do have some dedicated up/down scalers without the splitter functionality. Our tech team can help see if that would be a better option for you.
    Part Number: SW-33063
    Awesome - Great product, great customer support

    Pros: Well built product, worked without any finagling. Originally bought the wrong product, spoke to customer support, they answered asap and helped me to swap my original product for this.Cons: Other:

    Part Number: SW-33063
    Does The Job as Advertised

    Pros: Easy to set up. Cons: Nothing I could find in the limited time I have owned it.Other: There are niche projects where you may need something like this. When you do, this appears to be an economical way to split HDMI signals.

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