Sewell Ghost Wire Termination Block, 4 pack

SKU SW-33111


Sewell Ghost Wire can be used on almost any flat surface. Perfect for running stereo signals across rooms, around corners, in automobiles, under flooring, or any situation where wires cannot be run through walls.

This Terminal block is designed to work with Sewell Ghost Wire. Provide a secure connection to give you the best performance and to keep your cable endings a discrete clean cut look.

Customer Reviews

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Product Needs Improvement!

This serves the basic purpose but let's be honest ... this box is hard to work with to physically install and terminate your Ghost 2.0 flat cable. The problem is that you want to be able to clamp down on the Ghost wire to hold the box in the position you want it in and then, while it is clamped, install your box mounting screws. Unfortunately this is not possible since when you open the box the Ghost cable clamp opens as well.

I was told by Sewell that the existing wire connectors are only able to take 20 AWG, or smaller. The screws for the connector are very tiny. Be sure you have an eye glasses screw driver.

1. clamp down should be inside box so you can have the

We're sorry this product did not meet expectations! Your feedback has been noted.

3.1 to 5.2 surround sound

Was replacing carpet so ordered this flat 'ghost' wire to add surround speakers. With carpet up cleaned floor and ran 2 conductor strips for rear and 2nd sub channels. It did adhere well to surface but covered them with carpet shield film also for greater protection. Looks good, barely visible against white baseboard where wires emerge from edge of carpet. Can't feel it walking barefoot in the room. Closely watched carpet installers so they did not put tack through these wide conductors. Previously tried wireless signal to sub (3.2 system), it caused occasional but annoying popping noises so reverted to wire.

Ghost wire

Excellent product. LOve the whole idea of sticking and painting over. Adheres well. Takes a littel more work on textured walls but still did the trick! Will recommend this product.

Problem resolved. Looks like a great product

Received the 2 conductor Ghost Wire after an initial shipping error. It looks like it will be just what I need to install speakers on the side of the room opposite the stereo system.

Ghost wire terminal block

If you are thinking about the two together (Ghost wire and terminal block), go with the screw down block....SOOOOOOOOO much better especially if you are working in a tight area. The cramp downs are harder than..., well, you know, to align the flat wire, quite a pain.... Still, once completed after a bunch of it a good product.

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