InjectIR Pro, Dual Band IR over HDMI for Remote Controls

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The Sewell InjectIR extends the signal from your remote controls (for Blu-Rays, DVRs, set-top boxes, etc.) by sending the remote control's IR (infrared) signal over your HDTV's existing HDMI cable.

NOTE: If the InjectIR Pro is not working and you have checked that the receiver and transmitter are on the correct ends, make sure the CECIR switches on both InjectIR units are switched to IR (push both switches towards the blue Sewell logo).

InjectIR Connection Diagram

The Problem

When you install your HDTV on a wall, or when you wish to hide your video source devices in another room or closet, you break the line-of-site view of your video devices that the remote controls rely on. This requires you to get an IR extender that can route your remote's IR signal directly to your source devices

The Solution

Sewell's InjectIR is probably the most reliable and most easy-to-install solution on the market. Unlike other wired solutions, you don't have to run an additional cable through the wall, you can use the existing HDMI line.

How This Works

The Sewell InjectIR uses the unused CEC channel of your HDMI cable run to send the IR signal through it (CEC channel is used only for certain HDTVs that can send control commands to your video sources, so if you use CEC, you don't need to extend your remote controls). The unit has a switch that allows you to switch between IR injection and CEC channel use.

InjectIR Connection Diagram

60 Second Install
Professional's ChoiceInstalling the Sewell InjectIR only takes a minute and doesn't require any drilling or cutting into your walls. Simply connect the transmitting unit directly into your HDTV's HDMI port, and then reconnect your HDTV's HDMI cable into the transmitting unit's female HDMI port. The transmitting unit has a port that accepts the included IR sensor. Place this included sensor somewhere near the TV where you will be aiming all of your remote controls.

Next, you plug the receiver unit directly into your video source's HDMI port. The receiver unit has a port for the included IR emitter which you point at your video source's remote control sensor. There is nothing more to do to set this up.

To sum up, the remote control signal from your remote hits the included IR sensor, the IR signal then travels into the transmitter unit and is injected into your HDMI cable. On the other end of the cable, the receiver unit picks up the signal and outputs it through the included IR emitter which is facing your video equipment's IR sensor. You will get perfect control of your devices every time.

Note: This product does not work with an HDMI Splitter.


Please Note

  • This product is NOT compatible with the following models of the AT&T U-verse cable box:
  • Cisco Explorer 4642HDC, IPN 4320, IPN 330HD and the Motorola VIP series. As well as regional providers using the Cisco ISB7150/7105. There are other models of the U-verse that are also likely incompatible with the InjectIR.


  • HDMI Female to Male Adapter
  • Dual Band
  • Will work with dual band devices
  • With IR plug
  • 33khz - 60khz Band (Dual Band Emitter)
  • 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 4K
  • HDMI 2.0
  • Gold Plated
  • Accurate and reliable reproduction of digital video signal, with no signal attenuation or distortion
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Transport both audio and video signals
  • HDCP 2.2 Compliant
  • Utilizes built in CEC channel
  • Fully molded and compact size
  • RX/TX cables are 5 feet long

Package Contents

  • 1 - IR Receiver
  • 1 - IR Emitter
  • 2 - HDMI Adapter
  • 1 - QuickStart Guide


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
What's Not To Like?

Even though the last line of the product description says it doesn't work with an HDMI splitter, it worked fine for me. I bought a Sewell splitter to feed a new TV on the patio and the old den TV. The InjectIR Pro sent my remote signal back up a cheap (non-Sewell) 50' HDMI cable and my Cable Box loved it. Works like a champ.


InjectIR Pro, Dual Band IR over HDMI for Remote Controls

Part Number: SW-30062
Still in Progress

Pros: This was very easy to install and keep out of sight.Cons: After about four days of use it started interfering with the video feed from the cable box to the TV set. It immediately became unusable. I have since sent IR repeater back for repair or replacement, along with the return number they issued to do so. We'll see how the turn around time goes, it's been a week and no indication of anything yet. It was quite a length of time (several weeks)from the original order until it was delivered to the house, hopefully they can do better than that since until I get it back I have to point the remote down the hall to a now open A/V closet door! Other:

Sorry for the hassle. Let us know if the replacement has any issues.
Part Number: SW-30062
Fantastic little device

Pros: Ease of installation It works!Cons: None that I can see.Other: This elegant little device solved a significant problem for me. During a renovation of my apartment I had the contractor add an IR setup for my MBR TV. After the renovation was complete and I had the TV installed, I discovered that the emitter and the receiver had been reversed and the cable was now sealed in the wall and totally inaccessible. So I had to improvise with a solution that left the receiver as an unsightly blob in the middle of white furniture - no other solution. That is until after weeks of research I literally stumbled across the Inject Pro. I was optimistic that this may be the solution to my problem (my wife hated looking at that receiver and I can't blamer her - plus it didn't work all that well). I ordered and it arrived 2 days later. It took me all of 10 minutes to install - the hardest part was peeling the 2-sided tape - and it worked: Seamlessly. I am now ordering a second one for my country home MBR were I am using a Startech Wireless Remote extender which works OK but is unsightly (and has a definite lag in performance) sitting on my fireplace mantle. Thank you Sewall for solving an annoying problem.

Part Number: SW-30062
InjectIR Pro SW-30062

Pros: This product works great. I am able to control my DirecTV satellite box/DVR from the other end of a 50-foot HDMI cable. I have a monitor where I can see it when I am exercising on my treadmill in the basement. The 50 foot HDMI cable goes upstairs to the location of my satellite DVR. The IR receiving sensor is downstairs near the treadmill and the IR transmitting device is located at the IR sensor on my DVR. I now have full control of my satellite DVR from a different room where direct IR line of sight communication is impossible.Cons: None Other: My first attempt did not work. I discovered that the DirecTV remote operates in two modes: RF & IR. My remote was configured in the RF mode. I reconfigured the remote to operate in the IR mode. After that everything worked perfectly. I might add that if others have had problems using the InjectIR system with certain remote controls then the problem might be solved by ensuring the remote control they are trying to use is set in the IR mode. You can see the IR light emanating from a remote control if you view the IR source through the front facing camera of a cell phone. If you operate your remote control while viewing the IR source through your cell phone camera and you do not see pale white or purple flickering light emanating from the remote control then your remote control might be set up in the RF mode only.

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