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Remote Control Extender Kit (IR Emitter and Receiver)

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Control all of your home theater video sources (Blu-Ray player, Cable box, TiVo, and anything else that uses a standard IR remote control) from behind walls or closets by extending the IR signal with this kit.

Extend and Route Remote Control Signals

The BlastIR is designed to get your remote control's signal to where it needs to go. Since remote control signals (IR) need "line-of-sight" to work, you will need this extender if the equipment you're trying to control is not in sight.


How This Works

This kit includes an IR receiver, a connecting block (which also serves as a signal repeater), and IR emitters. The IR receiver is a small sensor that you can mount on your TV's bezel or anywhere else in the room where you will want to point your remote. It is small and very easy to hide, but must be in line-of-sight to wherever you will be using your remote control from. This receiver sends the signal over 3.5mm mini stereo wire to the connecting block.

The connecting block then repeats and sends the same signal through all IR emitters connected to the block. Each emitter sends out the same IR signal to your devices, and you can tape them directly to your equipment or simply fix them to a nearby shelf or wall pointing at your devices.

RC-MM Support - The Pro Difference

Like other products in the BlastIR family this unit supports dual band IR signals but it doesn’t stop there, the Pro supports RC-MM Protocol.

RC-MM is a new IR protocol that was developed to be used with wireless keyboards and mice. The protocol uses much shorter waves than a typical IR signal and uses less power. Due to the shorter wave lengths and lower power most IR sensors are unable to process the signal. The BlastIR Pro uses high fidelity wideband IR sensors to process this protocol.

PLEASE NOTE: This product has been known to have compatibility issues with certain U-verse, Motorola VIP, and Cisco Explorer cable boxes. Please contact us if you have any questions about your setup.

Need to Go Even Further?

Do you need to extend the distance of your Blast IR Pro? The easiest way is to use IR Extension Cables. You can also use Phoenix adapters to convert any CAT5, CAT6, or other three-conductor wire into an extension cable.

Terminal Block for IR Extenders like BlastIR

Need IR extender for multiple zones?

The BlastIR Pro sends out the same signal out to all the emitters. If you have a setup with multiple TV's and more than one of the same device, but you need to control each device separately, you might need the BlastIR Pro Multizone which lets you create "zones" and sends the signal separately only to the device you need to control.


If you're having trouble setting up your BlastIR PRO, it is very easy to troubleshoot. This video will show you how easy it is to set up and troubleshot your BlastIR. Even though we use a BlastIR classic, the same techniques apply. You can also read the full article about troubleshooting the BlastIR.

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Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30458


  • IR by Sewell

RC-MM Support

Connecting Block

  • Three 3.5mm Reciever Inputs
  • Six 3.5mm Emitter Outputs
  • 5V 500mA Power Input
  • LED Signal Indicator

Dual Band IR Receiver

  • Designed to be surface mounted in multiple applications.
  • Works with all brands of Audio/Video IR remote controls
  • IR receiving: 18' - 30' (remote control dependent)
  • Receiving frequencies: 34 - 60 kHz
  • Dimension: 20mm x 15mm x 13mm (receiver only)
  • Includes adhesive tape for IR mounting
  • 5 foot cable

Dual IR Emitters

  • Designed to be surface mounted in multiple applications.
  • Works with all brands of Audio/Video IR remote controls
  • Operating Frequency: 38 - 56KHz
  • Interface: 3.5mm mini plug
  • Cable length: 9 feet
  • Includes adhesive tape for IR mounting

Package Contents

  • 1-
  • IR Connecting Block
  • 4 - Dual IR Emitters
  • 1 - Dual Band Surface Mini IR Receiver
  • 1 - Power Supply


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Most helpful reviews

BlastIR Pro by Sewell

- 7/12/2016 12:49:47 PM

1 found this review helpful

Pros: EZ to setup, small and fits anywhere. No delay and cost is great compared with the "high end ones". Plug and play.

Cons: The sticky on the eyes don't last very long. Use to buy the special covers but now just use a small strip of black duck tape. Also would like to see some kind of dbl side tape for the unit.


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Great ir

Deathknightleo - 5/28/2016 9:40:49 PM

1 found this review helpful

Pros: Amazing works with every device 0 lag. Same as if you were pointing at the box itself.

Cons: Nothing works perfect.


Was this review helpful?

Easy to Set-up, Has short Range

- 9/10/2016 10:34:50 PM

0 found this review helpful

Pros: Easy to set-up

Cons: Short Range

Other: I'm using the BlastIR Pro with an Inteset Universal Remote control. I have to point the remote directly at the IR receiver from no more than four feet away to get the unit to work. Otherwise great product.

Was this review helpful?

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Most recent reviews

For Denon AVR-X1400H Receiver

RTB - 12/21/2018 1:54:41 PM

Worked for my Denon AVR-X1400H Receiver using the "IR Input" on it's rear panel. The receiver was located inside a cabinet thus needed an IR extender.

Was this review helpful?

Does what it´s supposed to do

André - 11/14/2018 7:35:39 PM

Small receiver. Multiple transmitters that attach easily. Most important: long enough cables.

Was this review helpful?


- 9/18/2018 2:17:52 PM

Works just as advertised.

Was this review helpful?

BlastIR by Sewell

- 9/9/2018 12:28:25 PM

worked perfectly in my RV, for hidden BluRay Player, it can now stay hidden

Was this review helpful?

BlastIR Pro

Dennis - 8/7/2018 6:26:05 PM

Great product and great customer service.

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