Silverback Speaker Wire with Banana Plugs

SKU SW-30012-6

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While high-performance speakers are one of the most important in your home theater or music system, to get the most of our of your speakers, high-quality speaker wire is essential. Thanks to Silverback Speaker Wire, audiophile sound quality is now easier than ever to achieve.  

Highest strand count

Silverback speaker wire was developed with the highest quality standards in mind. Most 12 AWG speaker cables use 90 to 100 threads of copper, we’ve put 259 strands into each conductor of our Silverback cable. This allows for less distortion, deeper bass, better imaging, and cleaner highs from your sound system.

Pure, oxygen-free copper

Not only does Silverback speaker wire have a higher strand count, it is also made up of pure, oxygen-free copper. Cheaper speaker cables have other alloys mixed with the copper in the conductors. This makes the cable cheaper, but also reduces the quality of the sound. Air pockets in the copper can also reduce sound quality and can even ruin the cable over time.

Silverback banana plugs

Our pre-terminated cables come with Silverback banana plugs, giving you the easiest and best possible connection. These precision 24 k gold connectors have a pure copper core for perfect signal pass-through. They also feature double screws, which when fastened, are just as effective as soldering while making them removable as well.



Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30012-3 3 ft.
  • SW-30012-6 6 ft.
  • SW-30012-10 10 ft.
  • SW-30012-15 15 ft.
  • SW-30012-25 25 ft.
  • SW-30012-50 50 ft. 
  • SW-30321 3 ft. 2 pack
  • SW-30012-305 3 ft. 5-pack
  • SW-30012-310 3 ft. 10-pack
  • SW-30012-605 6 ft. 5-pack 
  • SW-30012-610 6 ft. 10-pack 
  • SW-30012-10-05 10 ft. 5-pack
  • SW-30012-10-10 10 ft. 10-pack


  • Silverback™ by Sewell


  • 12 AWG
  • Oxygen Free Manufacturing
  • 259 Strand Count
  • Flexible
  • Premium Jacket for Durability
  • Enhanced "Loudness"
  • Pure Copper
  • 1.75 mm shielding

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Love these

The plugs work great and the sound is outstanding. It will be easy to take apart and move in the future if need be as well. Great product


Silverback Speaker Wire with Banana Plugs


Awesome .great job .thanks

256 strands of beautiful sound

When I started researching speaker cable, I read about so many but the specs for Silverback is most impressive, the sound of what I thought my system should like, these cables allowed that to happen, the soundstage is warmer, imagining is more holographic and bass is more refined and my intergraded amp runs much cooler(I can observe that because I have fan unit with a temperature sensor)you can really hear all 256 strands of copper giving you the most efficient and beautiful sound you'll ever hear


Silverback Speaker Wire with Banana Plugs

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