Home Theater Guide

The Ultimate Home Theater Guide

Welcome to the all encompassing Sewell home theater guide- the place to find helpful information on all the elements you need for the ultimate home theater setup. You can find general information, tutorials, comparisons, helpful videos as well as links to corresponding products, making it easy for you to find everything you need. Whether you want to know how to install a wall plate, or are just wondering what a banana plug is, you've come to the right place. Whether you're making a dedicated home theater or just want to upgrade your entertainment center, let this be a guide to that weekend project you've always wanted to work on and come out of it with the sleekest, most professional home theater possible. Click through the table of contents to navigate through the guide

Home Theater Guide Contents

HDMI cables - Find basic information, a comparison guide, as well as how you can use HDMI wall plates.

Wall Plates - Learn all about wall-plates, from what what flavors they come in to how to install them.

Banana Plugs - Cheap and convenient, with a tip that resembles a banana. Find out why you need them.

Wall-Mounts - Elevate that TV out of reach of children and the family dog for the best viewing angle of the big game.

IR Emitters and Receivers - Hide that ugly cable box in a cabinet while still retaining the power of your remote.

Speaker Cable - Learn about jacket quality, resistance levels, and wire gauge.