Hobbes LAN test and Network Installation Tool Kits

Offering the Hobbes LANtest Kit, including Network and Modular Cable Tester, and the Hobbes Network Installation Tool Kit.
Raven PoE Injector POE Sewell

Raven PoE Injector

The Sewell Raven PoE Injector can save you money by using an existing Ethernet line to deliver data and power. The Raven PoE Injector can easily co...

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LANtest Kit (Network & Modular Cable Tester) Hobbes

Hobbes LANtest Kit (Network & Mo...

The Hobbes LANtest is the simplest and most affordable wire-mapping device for networking cables available on the market. It’s a very practical tes...

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Hobbes, Network Installation Tool Kit Hobbes

Hobbes, Network Installation Too...

When you come to the point where you need to start terminating and testing different network cables you will soon realize how many different types ...

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