MOS Spring Micro USB Cable

SKU SW-30555-1


For Android/Windows

MOS Spring gives your phone or tablet the cable it deserves, both in terms of style and durability. The Spring cable features only the best materials to ensure this would be the only Micro USB cable you will ever need to buy.

Lifetime Warranty On All MOS Spring Cables

We are confident in our cables and are always willing to put our money where our mouth is.


The lightweight yet extremely durable housing protects the sensitive internal circuitry. The anodized aluminum heads offer a scratch resistant surface, minimal weight, premium look and feel, laser-engraved logos and tough protective housing.


The steel spring adds strain relief just where it is needed most. The spring is composed of unique carbon blackened steel so the color never flakes or fades. The ferrous metal also works great with our MOS cable organizers.



The Black Spring cables feature a black cotton jacket is made out of cotton for comfort and durability.

The white and gray Spring cables feature multiple layers which are utilized for unrivaled build quality. Exoskeleton™ is a woven jacket offering maximum protection. High-grade TPE polymer wraps the inner wires for even further protection but truly excels for its great flexibility.



Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30555-1 1 ft. Dark Grey
  • SW-30555 3 ft. Dark Grey
  • SW-30555-6 6 ft. Dark Grey 
  • SW-30555-10 10 ft. Dark Greay 
  • SW-30555-1B 1 ft. Black 
  • SW-30555-3B 3 ft. Black 
  • SW-30555-6B 6 ft. Black 


  • MOS™ by Sewell

Package Contents

  • 1 - MOS Micro USB Cable/li>
  • 1 - 1 Warranty Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews

It didn’t fit my apple phone


MOS Spring Micro USB Cable

Part Number: SW-30555-1B
Almost perfect

Pros: This is the second cable I purchased. I loved the first one and I needed another cable for my car. It works as expected. Other cables will fail after a while, specifically with fast charging, but not MOS! Works like a charm.Cons: These are CONS that happened through time with my first cable, so I expect this to happen with this last cable I bought. 1) Mini USB connection slides to easy in and out and sometimes it will come out without me noticing till battery is low and phone beeps. 2) Cotton get fuzzy where connected to the spring.Other: Best cable for phone charging and data currently in the market!

Part Number: SW-30555
Excellent USB cable

Pros: Excellent USB cable. Very durable and well built. Will buy more.Cons: Haven't found any cons yet.Other:

Part Number: SW-30555-1
Perfect size for charging patch panel

Pros: Returns when you need them are a breeze. Spring ends keep everything from damage Great quality cable. If it’s damaged and you return it once you basically paid for the cable. That took four years. Cons: Other: Sometimes the spring ends aren’t secure from the factory. Do light check on each cable efore use to avoid mission critical failure.

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