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MOS Cable Lifetime Warranty

What does the Warranty cover?

The Warranty covers all functional aspects of the cable under normal use. Only original, unaltered and unmodified materials and workmanship are covered by the Warranty.

What does the Warranty not cover?

Any problem caused by abuse, misuse, pets, exposure to excessive heat, liquids, sand or other contaminants or an act of God, such as but not limited to flood, drought, earthquake or any other natural disaster is not covered. The Warranty does not cover the replacement of lost or stolen cables.

How do I make a Warranty claim?

To setup a claim we’ll need your order number (, Amazon, etc.) and a description of the issue sent to us.

Do I need to send the cable back first?

Yes, due to some customers taking advantage of our lenient policy in the past, we now require the cables be sent back for inspection prior to a replacement being sent out.

How long until I get my replacement?

Warranty claims follow our returns process.

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