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Well, hello,

Sorry, this isn’t the site you were trying to get to.   Unfortunately, we've shut that site down, and we don’t do that anymore. 

We tend to try out a lot of different things, from yoga balls and wedding bands to scientific equipment controllers and video processors.  Sadly, we can’t always keep them all going.

If you have a minute though, you might want to check out what we are up to now: 


Sewell Direct
Sewelldirect is our home of electronics and home theater converters.  We have lots of ways to make your tech work together, from letting you use remotes when your equipment is in a cabinet, or an adapter to add a legacy serial port to your computer, or an extender that will let you send an HDMI signal over an old speaker wire, or a chain-link fence, or even a bucket of water!


MOS Organizer
MOS Organizer wants to make sure your gear is always ready to go.  We started with organizers to keep cables from getting lost on your desk, then car, then moved to charging cables and a backpack you can plug in to keep all your stuff charged up.  We have some of the best travel backpacks for electronics, and power and charging accessories to keep everything organized, juiced up, and ready to go.


ikiki started when we wanted some cool shoes for our own kids, and now we’ve sold hundreds of thousands of pairs of toddler shoes.  The only squeaky shoes with an off switch, that are comfy, easy for kids to put on, AFO friendly, and almost as cute as your little ones.


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