AirStick™ MicrosuctionTape by Sewell, 0.8mm (.03

AirStick™ MicrosuctionTape by Sewell, 0.8mm (.03"), 250mmx300mm Sheet (9.8"x11.8")


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Micro-Suction Tape is an incredible material that has been around for a while, but has just begun to become popular. It is an incredible, not-so-sticky adhesive. I say adhesive, but it doesn’t act like any other adhesive out there, in fact, it’s more akin to a suction cup. I first saw micro-suction when the MOS was being developed. The MOS features micro-suction tape on the bottom, which made it stick to any flat surface I could find, and it never lost its stickiness, even after dozens of applications.

Airstick Microsuction Tape

How does it work? Micro-suction is a pretty ingenious bit of engineering. It’s made of an acrylic foam sheet with thousands of suction cups so small you can’t see them with the naked eye. Once you stick micro-suction tape to a surface, you can easily peel it from the edge, because the sticking power of each individual suction cup is weak. But add thousands of those suction cups together and it becomes very strong. A 4in x 1in piece of micro-suction tape can easily hold up 1 pound.

Airstick Microsuction Tape

A 250mm by 300mm sheet of Micro-Suction Tape is only $15

The nice thing about micro suction over other adhesives is that you can use it over and over without losing any sticking power. It also won’t leave any kind of adhesive residue once removed. The only downside is that the tape will lose its stickiness if it gets dusty or dirty. That’s because the dust fills up the micro-suction cups, making them lose their suction. But, wiping it off with a damp cloth to remove the dust will easily restore the suction. You also want to keep it away from water or rain, since it will also lose suction if it gets wet. However, as soon as it dries out it will be sticky again.

This tape is already featured in a variety of products, like docking stations and chargers. You can use it for a variety of different applications as well, like making a dust-proof gasket on a cell phone assembly, use it on guitar picks to stick them to a guitar, keep office supplies like tape dispensers and staplers in place, and even making your own dock for your phone or tablet.