These days it is difficult to always keep an eye on what your kids (or anyone for that matter) is doing on your computer. With the Sewell PC to TV, you can check on whatever activity is happening on your computer from your TV. While you're watching TV, just switch back to the composite channel at any time to see real-time what is going on on your PC or Mac.

What You'll Need:

This interesting optional application for the Sewell PC to TV is simple. Just connect the PC to TV to your computer using the built-in breakout cable (breaks out to a VGA input, USB just to power the adapter, and a 3.5mm stereo audio cable).

Sewell TVdeck, PC to TV Converter (VGA to Composite)

Sewell TVdeck, PC to TV Converter (VGA to Composite)


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The Sewell PC to TV has a VGA passthrough port: simply a VGA port that you can connect your computer's monitor to. This allows your computer's monitor to be plugged in at all times, as if directly to the computer. Running a simple and inexpensive S-Video or composite video cable from the PC to TV in the computer room to the TV in your living room allows you to keep an eye on your child's internet use (or whatever else is going on on your computer).

Simply change the source with your TV's remote to the S-Video or composite channel that your PC to TV is running on whenever you want to take a look at what's currently happening on your computer's monitor in real time.

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