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Why Cat5/6 Cables For Extenders Need to be Extra Robust

Why Cat5/6 Cables For Extenders Need to be Extra Robust

Baluns and Extenders Need More Bandwidth than Ethernet Networks

By Cameron Postelwait

Cat5/6 Extenders Don't Have All The Same Safeguards as Ethernet Networks

When it comes to a common ethernet network, the data travelling through your ethernet cable has been conditioned by your network components to use as little bandwidth as possible anywhere it can and can also do load-balancing over different sectors of the network. Baluns and Cat5/6 video extenders however are point-to-point and don't have all these options available to them.

Therefore, the Cat5e or Cat6 cable you use to connect your video over Cat5/6 solutions must be able to handle the increased bandwidth caused by inevitable inefficiencies and electromagnetic interference to name the top two most common problems.

Purerun Link Cables Are Especially For Extenders

The Papa-Bear of Network Cable

Click here to see our Purerun Cables made especially for the Link Line.

When Goldilocks decided that Mama Bear's stuff was just right, she probably wasn't trying to extend AV with a Cat6 extender in a mission-critical setting. In these cases you'll really want to use Papa Bear's choice: the choice that has the most... everything.

What goes into Purerun Cables for the Link Line

Cat6 is a great choice since the specs support higher bandwidth and higher megahertz ratings which are important for long-distance sustained attenuation and performance in the face of electrical interference (EMI). SSTP shielding is about as robust as it gets, employing multiple layers of both foil and braided shielding to protect against both low and high frequencies of EMI. Bare copper conductors ensure maximum conductivity in extreme scenarios and also provides the option for extenders that use POE (power over ethernet).

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