Everyone is different, which means every home theater is different too. Find out what your home theater says about you.


Movie theaters are expensive, noisy, crowded, and sticky. Many people have decided to skip the craziness and make a theater at home. But, everyone is different, which means every home theater is different too. Find out what your home theater says about you.

The college student

For you, the lack of a generous income is the mother of invention. You’ve got a subscription to Netflix, what more do you need? No couch? That’s okay, you’ll use your bed. No wall mount? You’ve got that covered too.

College Student
picture via: https://www.pressit.co/view/FTV

The minimalist

You want a home theater, but you don’t want to sacrifice your sense of style. All those speakers and wires everywhere would totally throw off your room’s feng shui. Breaking free of all that clutter leaves your mind free to enjoy the movie.

picture via http://www.digsdigs.com/minimalist-tv-stands-and-dressers-from-rknl/

The audiophile

It’s all about the sound man. What’s the point of music or movies if the sound is horrible? You gladly spend whatever it takes to get the absolute best equipment. You don’t want any of these digital gizmos that compress the crap out of your precious audio. Now if only they could put movies on vinyl…

picture via:http://2big4theinternet.blogspot.com/2012/07/dipping-toe-in-audiophile-market.html

The enthusiast

You love going to the theater, but hate having to share the movie with all those noisy people who somehow can’t seem to keep quiet for two hours and mess up your whole experience. Your solution: bring the theater to your home. 150 inch screen. 23.1 surround sound. No noisy people. Bliss.

pictures via:http://www.evollt.com/great-designs-of-home-theatre-setup-ideas/contemporary-home-theatre-setup-ideas-with-beautiful-interior-design/

The super-parent

Your kids mean everything to you. Their wish is your command. They want a triple ice cream cone with colored sprinkles, they get a triple ice cream cone with colored sprinkles. They want your home theater to look like a pirate ship, you will make your home theater look like a pirate ship.

picture via:http://www.digsdigs.com/the-pirates-of-the-caribbean-home-theater/

The Hardcore Fan

You are the ultimate fan. It’s not enough for you to watch your favorite show, you want to be one with the TV show. From custom made furniture to authentic props, no detail has been forgotten. If only Stargate Atlantis were still a thing…

picture via: http://www.blastr.com/2009/12/man_spends_70k_building_h.php