Once we personalize things, they tend to say a little bit about what kind of person we are.


We love to personalize everything, from the color of our toaster to our computer desktop. Once we personalize things, they tend to say a little bit about our personality and even our ambitions and habits. So what does your desktop say about you? Let’s take a look and find out.


You value balance and proportion in your life. All of your icons are organized neatly in perfect rows across the screen. And they have to match. One little icon could totally throw off your computer’s feng shui. You tend to keep it cool in stressful situations, as long as everything is organized and in its place, but nothing takes you over the edge like clutter.

Destop Organized into Columns


You could never understand the reason behind rigorous schedules and organized checklists. Your desktop looks like your computer threw up all over it. Icons are strewn everywhere with no apparent rhyme or reason. And that’s the way you like it, it keeps life interesting. Besides, you don’t need all of those schedules and checklists to get your projects done. If only you could find where you put them…

Cluttered Desktop

Go Getter

Folders are for pansies, you like everything at hand, where you need it, when you need it. You are on top of your game and don’t have time to waste searching through endless files. You get everything done and get it done that much faster. You don’t need folders to keep things organized. You have a system and you know exactly where everything is…most of the time.

Busy Desktop


Some people live to work, you work to live. You have your priorities straight, and to keep things in perspective you keep a photo of your priority right on your screen. Maybe you put up photos of family or friends. Maybe a photo of your last vacation. Or maybe just a photo of that Ostrich farm you’ve been dreaming of buying.

Personlized Desktop

Essence of Awesome

You’re kind of a big deal. You know it, and you want everyone else to know it too. While all of those little people around you waste their lives in front of the TV you are out there accomplishing things, winning medals, bringing home trophies. To prove it you have your trophy proudly displayed on your desktop. When someone asks, “Who is that on your screen winning first place in the Air Guitar National Championships?” you can proudly respond, “That was all me.”

Trophy Desktop


You’re here to work, not to socialize. If other people want to have their personal lives out there for the world to see that’s fine with you, as long as they keep out of your life. While other people are wasting time decking out their cubicle to look like the inside of a New York taxi cab, you keep things simple and unadorned. And that’s the way you like your desktop too. Let other people put up whatever pictures they want; you’re fine with basic blue.

Basic Background

Multiple Screens

Your philosophy on life can be summed up with the phrase “more is better.” Why settle for one scoop of ice cream if you can have two? Why get a single patty on your hamburger when you can get a double, with cheese? And why settle for one screen when you can have two? Or three? Or even your very own command center?

Multiple Screens