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What is an HDMI Switch and Do I Need One?

What is an HDMI Switch and Do I Need One?

Why do I need to use a HDMI Switch with my driftTV?
What do HDMI switches do?
By Zachary Medved

What does a HDMI switch do?

First things first let’s talk about what exactly an HDMI switch does. HDMI switches are the traffic lights at the intersection of all your HDMI device inputs. The HDMI switch allows all signals to be present and active, but only allows one to pass through to the TV at a time.






Why do I need a HDMI Switch?

HDMI switches are useful for people that have multiple HDMI video source devices (examples of common HDMI sources: Blu-ray players, DVRs, Streaming boxes, etc.) and want to switch between them one at a time on their TV. This switch capability is great when you are using a product like the driftTV which processes a signal before sending it to the TV. Without the HDMI switch you would have to manually plug in the driftTV to a different input every time you wanted to change sources, or you would need a driftTV for every device you have plugged into your TV. With an HDMI switch you can send all the signals through a single driftTV with ease.


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